Technodigit - Part of Hexagon

Technodigit - Part of Hexagon

Big Data, Software, Specialised Engineering



TECHNODIGIT is a French company located near Lyon, 10-minute-driving distance from Lyon-Tech La Doua University. Since January 2009, TECHNODIGIT has joined the HEXAGON group, the global leader in measurement technologies. Recognized for its R&D performances, TECHNODIGIT joined HEXAGON Innovation Hub in 2021.

TECHNODIGIT is a company specialized in computer development related to reality capture data: point clouds visualization and processing, feature extraction, meshing, 3D modeling, reverse engineering, control and inspection, etc...

The company is composed of two connected main activities, based on C++ development:

SDK (software development kit) We develop the 3DR SDK Technology to make 3D point cloud processing from measurement points. This unique point meshing knowledge allows point cloud treatment without any size limit and provides high quality models, accurate and light, even with poor quality measurements.

APPLICATION (end-user software) The application team is dedicated to Leica Geosystems (part of HEXAGON group) solutions. The 3DR SDK technology is available within Leica Cyclone 3DR software product and is used in a wide range of domains as for example: Land Surveying, Cultural Heritage, Mines & Quarries, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction, BIM, Plants, Tank, ...

TECHNODIGIT combines the strength and the international influence of the HEXAGON corporate and the agility of an effective team, united within our main six values.

What they are looking for

TECHNODIGIT employees are naturally curious and found of 3D Technology.

Software developers are usually graduated with Master, Engineering or PhD degrees in Image Processing or algorithmic geometry and are driven by the wish to scale up the usage of 3D scanners. According to them, the targeted applications do not have limits!

Part of the core of the international Innovation Hub of HEXAGON, their purpose is to go as far as possible together and not to provide a technology that cannot be democratized.

Good to know

In addition to TECHNODIGIT values that were chosen by its own employees (Innovation, Team spirit, Excellence, Involvement, Transparency and Environmental compliance), the team really enjoys sharing friendly times during breakfast breaks, Team Building events or when playing board games that many of us love.

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