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Startup Flow

Startup Flow

Full Stack Developer Intern

  • Internship (4 month(s))
  • Paris
  • 3 years of college
  • < 6 months

The company

Startup Flow

Startup Flow

  • SaaS / Cloud Services, Software
  • From 15 to 50 employees

The job

Full Stack Developer Intern

  • Internship (4 month(s))
  • Paris

This position was filled!


Startup Flow’s mission is to support large organizations and their teams to connect with innovation ecosystems to explore new business territories, find new business models, and make informed decisions about external innovation opportunities.

Startup Flow is a SaaS platform for companies to map, manage and monitor their open innovation projects with startups and partners at scale. The platform helps to consistently orchestrate the right data, the right processes, and the right people involved in the increasing number of open innovation initiatives (corporate venture capital, startup partnerships, R&D projects, etc.).

Some of the world’s leading innovators (HSBC, Nestlé, Capgemini, Bayer, and many others) are using Startup Flow to build innovation portfolios, design operational processes, and generate automatic reporting.

And they are growing fast! Headquartered in the heart of Paris and with operations in Germany and the UK, Startup Flow supports their clients and their teams in 42 countries.

Job description

We’re looking for several fullstack developers to join our talented technical team. Fullstack competence is an essential aspect in our team. Fullstack engineers work closely with the rest of our team (product, customer success and even sales sometimes) to implement the best features on our platform with modern tools. Some of us specialize in Front-End or mobile, others in Back-End and/or infrastructure, but all of us are JavaScript pros and fullstack engineers.

Our stack

  • NodeJS
  • Angular2+
  • React Native + Redux
  • MongoDb, ElasticSearch
  • Highly secure infrastructure through Chef / Docker / Abstruse (we’re managing more than 60 servers)
  • OVH, AWS & onPremise


  • Collaborate with the product team to iterate on the platform
  • Build efficient and reusable front-end systems
  • Build robust, scalable and secure back-end systems
  • Participate in design and code reviews
  • Help your teammate

How we work

Iteratively. We do 2 weeks sprints, daily pull-requests and timely code reviews in order to ship quickly and minimize bugs.

Collaboratively. We work as a team to help make our product better. As engineers, we help product team understand what’s possible, what’s easy, what’s difficult, and what opportunities we see from a technical and non-technical perspective.

Flexibility. While we strive to stick to a plan we think is best for the company and for our users, we do actively incorporate experiment learnings, crazy new ideas and business feedback into our sprints. Flexibility is a must-have trait in our culture.

Preferred experience

Experience we are looking for:

  • Shipped and maintained code in production
  • Proficient in at least one framework
  • Proficient in HTML/CSS and Javascript
  • ideally Experience with databases and search engines
  • ideally Dev-Ops skills
  • ideally fluent in English

Recruitment process

  1. We will first spend some time by phone or skype to present you Startup Flow and the great product we are working on :-). It will also permit us to better understand what you’ve achieved and what would be your dream job.
  2. Then we will propose you some exercises and/or one call with one of our technical leader so that you have more visibility on our technical landscape and we have a good overview of your skills
  3. If you feel comfortable with the previous steps, you will next meet some of the key people of our team (including non-tech people) in a face-2-face interview. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have on Startup Flow, the positions, the organization etc.
  4. Finally you will spend some time with one of our cofounders who will answer your last questions and ensure you have a clear idea of our mindset :-)

Despite several steps, we can go very fast during this process: usually less than 2 weeks.

Meet the Startup Flow team

Startup Flow

Startup Flow

Full Stack Developer Intern

  • Internship (4 month(s))
  • Paris
  • 3 years of college
  • < 6 months
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