Soil Capital

Soil Capital

Agri-food / Animal Nutrition, Environment / Sustainable Development, SaaS / Cloud Services

Perwez, London, Paris

Organization and methodologies

The Tech is divided into 2 main parts, the Product part and the Dev part. People are grouped into autonomous, homogeneous and versatile Squads focused on one App. The Squads are supported by transversal roles like the CPO and the CTO.

Each Squad follows a classic Scrum methodology that revolves around a Ceremonial made out of Backlog grooming, Backlog refinement, Sprint planning, Standup, Sprint review and Sprint retrospective.

Part of the time of the team is reserved for "non-productive" moments called "cool-downs" to give room to the Squads to innovate, release steam and reflect.

The spirit behind the management style is to give a frame and direction to the teams and give them the appropriate means while trusting them to work on the best initiatives to solve user problems and create value.

Projects and tech challenges

Among our Apps, there is the Farmer Portal used by the farmers to input all the geographical, technical data and practices they do during a farming season on their farm and fields in order to have a comprehensive GHG carbon footprint.

This App revolves around an interactive map (Mapbox) on which the farmer can easily create his or her farm and its evolution season after season by merging, modifying and splitting fields. This need some heavy Backend calculation eased by the use of the PostGIS PostgreSQL extension.

There is also an extensive Backend (PHP) science to keep track of all the history of changes done on the farm year after year and to take them into account to compute the right GHG footprint for a specific farming season.

Eventually there is a real UI/UX challenge (React) to get non tech-savvy people, the farmers, to input correctly their data in an efficient way and to provide them with accurate and easy to understand GHG reports made out of graphs, benchmarks and contextual advice.

Recruitment process

The hiring process is made out of 4 steps :

  • Step 1: a phone interview of around 30 minutes with the People specialist to further introduce the job, discuss why the candidate is willing to join SoilCapital and what he or she is looking for in a job. This is mainly a Soft skills interview
  • Step 2: Some tests to do at home are sent to the candidate.
  • Step 3: An interview with the Squad tech lead and with the CTO, on premises if possible, to test further the technical skills of the candidate and, more importantly, his or her ability to integrate the squad and become productive within 1 month. This step is also the opportunity for the candidate to informally meet the members of the Squad he or she will potentially shortly join.
  • Step 4: Optional coffee talks with other members of Soil Capital.