Reporting 21 a Cority Company (Ex - Sirsa)

Reporting 21 a Cority Company (Ex - Sirsa)

Change Management, SaaS / Cloud Services, Strategy



In September 2022, Reporting 21, formerly known as Sirsa, joined the Canadian group Cority. Cority is the global leader in QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) software. The group acquired Reporting 21 with the goal of integrating it into its sustainability-focused software suite, establishing an internal consulting service, and entering the financial sector while consolidating Cority's presence in Europe.

Specialized in sustainable transformation, Reporting 21 is also the publisher of two SaaS platforms dedicated to the collection, analysis, and management of extra-financial data: Reporting 21 & ESG Data Exchange.

The philosophy of Reporting 21 is clear: activate data to propel organizations toward greater transparency and impact. Reporting 21 has built its expertise in both consulting and software to serve two main categories of stakeholders: corporates and financials.

What they are looking for

The Reporting 21 team is actively seeking candidates who align with its values and those of the group it has joined: Integrity, Quality, Community, Diversity, Client, and Sustainability.

Joining Reporting 21 means becoming a part of a rapidly growing and ever-evolving environment. Reporting 21 is looking for individuals who are passionate about making a meaningful commitment to guide its clients toward more virtuous practices.

Good to know

Reporting 21 is dedicated to carefully selecting talents to join its teams and fostering their growth throughout their careers. From the recruitment process onward, Reporting 21 pays close attention to the expectations of candidates and their alignment with the needs of the Reporting 21 team and the Cority group. Integration is a key moment that allows each talent to find their place within the team and then build their career within the group. Additionally, each talent enjoys various benefits and an environment tailored to their needs.

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