Request Finance

Request Finance

Blockchain, FinTech / InsurTech

Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, Genève, Lisboa, London, New York, Singapore, Stockholm, Tel Aviv-Yafo


At Request Finance, you will be working on enhancing the platform used by over 2,000 Web 3.0 companies like AAVE, The Sandbox, and Maker to manage their B2B crypto payments.Managing crypto payments is an administrative nightmare for businesses.

Our app solves that with thoughtful features like a dashboard showing all your invoices and their on-chain payment statuses, paying hundreds of invoices to different wallets in a few clicks, scheduling recurring invoices, and more.

What they are looking for

Request is recruiting people for their passion and commitment to the vision and mission of the company.

They are building a highly ambitious team that wants to have a lasting impact on the way we experience finance tomorrow.

Good to know

The company is fully remote: 21 people working in 11 different countries ! They gather 3 times a year for a week in a different location.

They have 4 core values that have been decided collectively to represent everyone in the company. They are essential to support the mission and help making the right decisions for the future:

  • Freedom
  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Energy

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