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Paris, Bordeaux, Bruxelles, Washington Dc

Back in France after a stint in London and New York, he and Jean Baptiste set out to bring technology to a sector that is still relatively undigitalized, the nonprofit & politics sectors. Thus Qomon was born. Passionate about technology & citizen engagement, he is here to carry out the vision (both product & business).

After more than ten years as a technical manager for major accounts, Jean-Baptiste wants to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure. Then he helped startups on building a tech team before co-founding Qomon with Florent.

A lover of technology, he ensures the consistency of technical and product choices with the teams (and continues to develop!).

With over 10 years of experience in business development, Guillaume is passionate about civic engagement and democratic participation. For two years, Guillaume has participated in equipping NGOs, movements, campaign teams, and socially responsible businesses in more than 25 countries, helping them mobilize around their causes.

His position at Qomon covers business strategy, prospecting, negotiation, and contract follow-up. The sales team overall works hands in hands with product and marketing teams to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Guillaume contributes to echoing Qomon's core values: inclusion, innovation, impact.

Helen thrives at Qomon for over a year now. After graduating in political sciences, and with her super international background, Helen brings a lot to our client’s table: expertise, care and her commitment to accompany them for a better impact.

She manages key accounts at the international scale here at Qomon. Her clients are political campaigns, NGOs, social movements and more. Her team is about to grow this year, stay tuned!

Juliette is full of surprises! Both a great photographer and a web and mobile developer here at Qomon for two years now. She perfectly manages many stacks: React Native, Svelte, and Vue 3. Wearing this dual hat allows her to have a deep product vision and continually enhance her skills with various technologies.

She joined the team first as an intern, and she’s lucky enough to be herself an intern tutor. She loves to manage, teach and see people grow by her side.


Qomon is a French-American B-Corp company offering a mobilization Saas platform and mobile app that helps non-profit organizations, campaigns, and advocacy groups across 70 countries to mobilize BIG around their cause.

They provide their customer with easy-to-use tools to enhance people, donor, and supporter mobilization using digital technology, community engagement, and data.

At Qomon the customers come in all shapes and sizes, from small-town organizers to the largest organizations in the world.

The vision behind Qomon is simple: People standing up for what they believe in deserve powerful & accessible tools to fight for their cause. They also deserve powerful technology as you can find in any other sectors like logistics or finance.

If this resonates with you, it's time to take the plunge!

What they are looking for

Qomon is seeking for energetic individuals who are passionate and creative, with an innate drive to excel at any task. Qomon values empowerment, engagement, brain powers and truly believes you can build an incredible company while doing actual good.

Developers (back, front, mobile, lead dev), data scientists, product (PM, UI, UX), as well as Marketer, Customer Care, and business development candidates are welcome to join them.

Good to know

Stepping into Qomon's office, you'll find an ambiance more akin to a bustling campaign headquarters than a typical corporate office: a compact team with rapid pace and lofty goals!

  • Every 100 days, they organise off-sites to take the picture of what has been done, what’s next and stay aligned in the team.
  • They love side projects & initiatives crafted by team members.
  • Books & movies over table tennis in the HQ :)
  • Qomon is one of the 3600 companies certified B-corp in the world.
  • Qomon provides a global environment, welcoming team members from all around the world.

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