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Notre passion commune


Le travail d’équipe anime évidemment la team music. Un collectif qui s’exprime pleinement au sein d’un Comité Musical (avec de vrais humains et non des algorithmes !) qui donne le ton et met l’accent sur la « découverte ». Une « découverte » synonyme de défrichage de nouveaux talents, de projets musicaux atypiques ou de trésors oubliés. C’est ce Comité Musical qui analyse le comportement des clients et surtout peaufine la singularité de Qobuz, une vision à 360° de la musique d’hier, d’aujourd’hui et de demain.


Qobuz is an innovative and world-leading service in high quality music streaming and downloads.

In short, Qobuz is not like the rest: its approach is singular, valuing openness and independence, and respecting the artists, their works and all musical aesthetics. This is reflected, among other ways, through a high sound quality, human music recommendations and rich editorial coverage.

Qobuz is available in 25 countries in Europe, the US, South-America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

What they are looking for

Qobuz is looking for dynamic and motivated employees, who are able to support the company in its European and global expansion.

There is no standard CV for working at Qobuz, as evidenced by the diversity of the team members’ backgrounds. Above all, it is the desire to adhere to and uphold the values of the service. Qobuz has personality, and its future collaborators do too!

Good to know

At Qobuz, everyone has a huge (!) musical knowledge/background (as well as the sense of humility that comes with it, of course)

Your music knowledge will be put to the test during our blind test evenings! Until then, get practicing!

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