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About Oyesk

All of our positions are fully remote & async. You do not have to relocate to join us! Don't hesitate to apply if you don't fulfil 100% of the requirements. Superheroes don't exist. People with passion and talent do!

About OyesK and philosophy

OyesK is a smart company solving global remote organizations’ biggest challenge: employing anyone anywhere compliantly. We make it possible for businesses big and small to employ a global team by handling for them : global payroll management, benefits, taxes, and compliance. OyesK is also helping people to redirect their career as working as freelancer instead of employee to get a more flexible or profitable life. We encourage folks from all ethnic groups, genders, sexuality, age and abilities to apply. We also encourage work-life balance and offers flexible working hours and fully or hybrid remote work. If this job description resonates with you, we want to hear from you!

  • Employees

    From 15 to 50 employees
  • Location

  • Sectors

    SaaS / Cloud Services, Human Resources, Corporate Support

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