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Entrepreneur at heart, Thibaud started his career by co-founding LeKlaxon.fr, a marketplace for high quality second-hand cars. From 2013 to 2015, he was the Head of Sales and Business Developer of the brand Wicked One, a brand that aimed to give a new depth and authenticity to “streetwear”. In 2016, he co-founded Ouiflash - now OCUS. Along with his cofounder Julien Jacob, they share a same analysis: international brands have increasing needs to produce authentic visual content at scale. They also share a mission: to create the biggest, and best community of image creators worldwide.

During his free time (what free time?), Thibaud practices his boxing skills before 8am; and after 8pm, he’s likely staring at the sky, thinking about Mars (where he wants to send OCUS).

Alexe Graduated in Economy from the University of Buenos Aires in 2014. For three years, she’s been head of development and franchises of the French luxury burge brand Big Fernand. As Head of Operations at OCUS since 2018, she ensures the smooth completion of the thousands of photoshoots we run each month world-wide. Her goal: to improve the way we produce pictures at scale, as well as the quality we deliver. In this mission, she aligns the efforts of a team of 30+ persons, keeping this vision in mind: making sure everyone can focus on what she prefers and does best. When she’s not busy coordinating the team, you’ll probably find her enjoying a beer with her friends in one of the nicest spots of Paris.

As a Senior Sales, Russell has a strong experience at building commercial relationships with rapidly scaling startups and enterprise companies including JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Amundi, N26 and Deliveroo. In his early career, he invented the Irish Moxie ice cream (Coffee Ice Cream with Whiskey, Oreos and Heath!), that continues to be one of the number one sellers in Izzy’s restaurants. In 2004, he joined Euromoney Institutional Investor in New York, and was rapidly promoted to Project Director of European research, hiring and managing 12 direct reports in London. During his 12 years at Euromoney, he launched 7 new products and became Global Head of Sales. In 2015, he built experience working with startups as an advisor to ambitious early stage founders. After another experience as Account Executive for a SaaS startup, he joined OCUS in 2018 as the first Sales International. In the office, you’ll spot him based on his amazing patterned shirts and infectious energy.

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They believe in the power of images. For today’s ultra-connected swipe generation, images are everything. People no longer trust brand promises. They’re weary of words and hungry for authenticity.

Images form a new social contract between brands and their ecosystems. That means brands can’t afford to sit on the sidelines and play by the old rules. They need to produce authentic visual content – all the time, everywhere.

This is why Ocus exists. They restore confidence between brands and consumers by producing millions of high-quality always-on images across every sector of the global economy.

As the first international community of image creators, they join forces with leading talents. And they leverage technology to bring them face to face with today’s most beautiful brands. By eliminating time-consuming and laborious tasks, they make it easier for everyone to stay focused on the things they do best.

Their community of 20,000 image creators stays focused on their creative passion. Photographers, videographers and drone pilots enjoy a powerful and artistic ecosystem to thrive and grow – and to seamlessly tap into new opportunities.

Their clients stay focused on their professional goals. With their help, they’re better equipped to grow their business. They’re able to stand out in exciting new ways – to shine light on their people, products, services and values.

They advise, design, create, post-produce and deliver thousands of photos and videos every hour. But they don’t just produce images – they bring them to life and make them speak. By investing constantly in R&D and new technologies, they make intelligent content that reaches the right audience at the right time.

They’re growing at an incredibly fast pace since our launch in 2016. They’ve completed more than 500k photoshoots for over 500 different brands - from UberEats to Booking.com, including Smartbox, The Kooples or Rolex - in over 120 countries.

What they are looking for

They are shooting for Venus while keeping their feet on Earth. They’re a fast-growing, increasingly diverse team of out-of-the-box and highly driven individuals. They are excited by our fast paced growth, their international challenges and the team’s amazing friendliness. They aim to be super ambitious and stay humble. When it comes to working together, their mantra sums it all: Think like a boss, talk like a leader, behave like a friend.

Good to know

  • They aim at: Venus, then Titan
  • They go: to do the right things, to do them right, to do them fast
  • They are: international talents lovers
  • They love: people, images, art, beer/food/music/their dog Pocus
  • A mantra: Think like a boss, talk like a leader, behave like a friend.

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