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R&D Manager

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
A few days at home
Experience: > 7 years
Education: Master's Degree

American Express Global Business Travel
American Express Global Business Travel

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Questions and answers about the job

The position

Job description

We are developing for American Express Global Business Travel (AMEX GBT), a travel supply aggregation platform called SMP (Supply MarketPlace). The aim of this project is to manage all AMEX GBT supply content technical development and provide the best experience to our users thanks to a powerful, scalable, and optimized product. The SMP R&D Team is international, based mainly in Paris, expanding to London, and is split into several SCRUM teams in a micro-services architecture.

 The R&D Manager is a thought leader who will plan, organise, and coordinate a Research and Development project from design phase to completion. The R&D Manager will be a domain expert and will act as an advisor to internal teams. This role is critical to AMEX GBT’s future growth and we’re looking for outstanding and seasoned candidates.

Preferred experience

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

·       Manage a team of developers.

·       Ensure all individuals contribute as much as possible, learn and grow in their role, knowledge, and skills.

·       Ensure the team works efficiently in an enjoyable environment.

·       Evaluate and optimise the time and resources needed to carry out various stages of the projects, to establish an overall development plan.

·       Negotiate resources (human, technical, financial, deadlines) according to the progress of projects and adjusts resources if necessary.

·       Measure risks that may arise during the implementation and development phases.

·       Setup the necessary interfaces between the departments concerned.

·       Follow-up progress and deadlines for various tasks with the project collaborators.

·       Guarantee the quality of the product and codebase.

Experience/ Qualifications:

  • Confirmed experience in software C# development.

  • Engineering School or master’s degree, in Computer Science.

  • More than 7 years’ experience in an R&D department.

  • Experience in team management (also remote or offshore).

  • Passion, Software Craftmanship, Culture of Excellence, Clean Code, Test Driven Development

  • Fluent English (working in a multicultural and international team)

Professional / Technical Skills:

·       Argue to convince internally.

·       C#

·       .NET, ASP.NET Core Web API

·       Containers, Lambda

·       Redis, RabbitMQ, Aurora / PostgreSQL, DynamoDB

·       Infrastructure as Code (CloudFormation)

·       CI/CD,

·       High Availability

·       Scalable & performant platform

·       OpenSearch / ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)

·       AWS

Recruitment process

  • 1h codin’game virtual test on C# (link available 7 days)

  • 20-30mn call qualification with one member of the Talent team

  • 1h30 1st video Teams ITW with a R&D Director

  • 45mn f2f in our London building with our Product development Director

  • 1h Final video Teams ITW with our VP Engineering, ( Can be done in our building before f2f to do 2 in 1)

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