Technical Consultant

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris
  • Partial remote authorized
  • > 1 year

The company



    The job

    Technical Consultant

    • Permanent contract 
    • Paris
    • Partial remote authorized
    • > 1 year


    Documents are relics from the past, no one should spend time dealing with it anymore. Yet, the only reliable connectors available to get data from the physical world (documents) to the digital world (software) are humans.
    At Mindee, we are changing that by giving developers, businesses and end-users the ability to get instantly all the information they need within any document just from a picture of it. Our API is both easy to use so that all developers can empower their applications in minutes, and reliable in order to serve the most demanding use cases.
    Our API is being used by developers everywhere to automate critical processes such as expense management, accounting, AP automation, loan application, customer onboarding, and many more.
    We aim at creating a global leader in the emerging market of document understanding software.

    Job description

    Your missions

    As a Technical Consultant, you will be responsible for being the first touchpoint with our active users. This means you’ll have the responsibility of :

    • Qualifying signed-up users to segment their use cases and identify who we should reach out to to provide help;
    • Reaching out to our active users, doing custom build work and participating in Discovery Calls to help them successfully address their problem and turn them into product advocates or paying customers;
    • Training our indirect channel partners or our clients’ and prospects’ teams to use the platform

    The mains tasks will include:

    • Qualify inbound Product Qualified Lead (PQL) to understand

      • whether we should spend time and resources getting in touch with them and
      • who in the team should be spending time to onboard or convert them (you, an account executive, a solution engineer, …);
    • Reach out to relevant PQLs to qualify their use case, help them set it up, and turn them into successful users and product advocates;
    • Train our Indirect partners or our Clients and Prospects teams to the use of the platform
    • Master the product, you will be impersonating the perfect “Product-person user” of our platform
    • Contribute to the ongoing structuring of the team and processes by writing best-practice content or suggesting improvements for processes;

    Preferred experience

    About you

    • You have an engineering background with experience in the software sector;
    • A first experience in a BtoB environment is a plus;
    • Ideally, you have an experience in an API editor or IA editor (NLP, computer vision);
    • No need to speak French fluently, you are though English fluent or native;
    • You have an ability to understand the operational constraints of a software editor (roadmaps, user experience, data processing, checks and business rules, …);
    • You are able to understand and enunciate complex things;
    • You can easily synthesize and rephrase complex ideas;
    • You know how to create bond and trust in an interpersonal exchange;
    • You are good in active listening;
    • You have empathy for a developer/product person and the way they work;
    • You have a strong intellectual curiosity;

    Recruitment process

    1 - HR screening : a visio/phone interview with the recruiter (30/45min)
    2 - Meeting with the COO (30min)
    3 - Case study restitution
    4 - Meet with CEO and other team members (1h)

    Meet the team

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