Million Victories

Million Victories

Benoît founded in 2011 Incine, a social network on cinema. Then, he started Lyon Startup in 2014. As the head of this program, he supported hundreds of start-ups in a broad variety of fields.

Benoît has always been passionate about video games, he gathered a team of experts to found Million Victories in 2017 and create unique and ambitious MMOs on mobile.

After a solid experience of 10 years at HP in finance, Céline co-founds Buzzinbees, an HP spin off in telecoms , she sells the company 7 years later.

In 2017, while she meets Benoît Ducrest she discovers the fascinating world of video games and they found Million Victories. At Million Victoriesn Céline manages the infrastructure that allows creative and developers to focus on the games.

Anton contributed to several video games successes both in startups like Digital Chocolate, and in large companies like Ubisoft. He decided to join the Million Victories adventure to tackle new challenges.

Anton is Producer and CTO. He fosters the conditions to get efficient tools and processes so that the team can work in peace.

Ludovic has always wanted to work in video games. He has specialised in digital marketing and achieved its goal when he joined Million Victories in 2018. Ludovic aims at increasing the number of players on Million Lords, Million Victories first title. He manages the communication and marketing team.

Laila has always been passionate about video games, they participated in multiple game jams and developed several personal projects as they always wanted to work in this area. After graduating in graphical design and Ux/ui design (User eXperience / User Interface design), Laila joined Million Victories first as an intern and then as an employee.

As Ux/Ui designer, Laila aims at understanding the players, listening to their concerns and analyzing their needs to improve their game experience. They manages the entire process from user research to asset integration in Unity.

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Million Victories develops and publishes unique MMO games on mobile. Founded in 2017, Million Victories aspires to create innovative games for millions of midcore gamers that love MMOs.

Its first game, Million Lords, is a real time strategy game of a new genre with a strong focus on conquest. Million Victories, just like midcore gamers, appreciates all types of games and its next title, Million Legends, will set new standards for mobile MMORPGs.

Last but not least, the greatest force of Million Victories is its team : 20 passionate professionals from various backgrounds in terms of experience, nationality and age. This diversity creates a rich and creative culture in a committed and welcoming team which enjoys addressing challenges.

What they are looking for

Million Victories looks for desire to make a difference, capacity to adapt, curiosity and autonomy in an atmosphere of respect and good mood.

Desire to make great good games that reach commercial success is the most important. Capacity to adapt because as a startup we evolve and improve every day. Curiosity to capture new ideas and being able to have things done differently and this has enabled us to launch a very innovative game. Autonomy because it's more pleasant and then more efficient for all to avoid control freak processes.

Finally, respect and good mood because we don’t know other ways to move forward!

Good to know

Joining Million Victories means participating in a collective and ambitious adventure to build the mobile MMO worldwide leader.

Million Victories team members like video games but also cinema, cats and pizzas!

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