Level.works is a youthful company headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands, dedicated to developing a platform that unites clients and flexible workers in the fields of logistics, transport, delivery and security.

In addition to streamlining processes, one of Level.works' primary objectives is to foster employee satisfaction and conduct business responsibly, with a commitment to the environment and various social groups. The company actively promotes a healthy corporate culture, promotes open communication without any levels or hierarchy, and actively contributes to the development of the economic and social landscape. In the summer of 2023, Level.works initiated its internship program, participated in multiple job fairs, and created numerous positions to support young talents in the IT industry.

Due to the aspirations of both employees and management, coupled with growth prospects and international expansion goals, Level.works established a Solution Center in Brno in 2022. Since then, its software development department has experienced rapid expansion. The Solution Center itself holds high potential, with a primary objective to consistently enhance technological advancements, innovation, and the overall business goals of the product.

What they're looking for

The Level.Works Solution Center is actively looking for individuals interested to work in the IT industry, who excel in an open-minded team environment, prioritize honesty in their interactions with colleagues and themselves, and exhibit a keen enthusiasm for learning, exploration and actively contributing to the evolution of their work surroundings.

They welcome colleagues who recognize the significance of digitizing the labor market, extending invitations to both experienced professionals in our tech stack and those who are students or self-learners. The shared attribute should be a drive for personal development and growth. At Level, we provide the environment and tools for fostering that growth, backed by a trustworthy team.

Good to know

The company culture places a strong emphasis on respecting the personal lives and individual development of each employee. These values manifest in various ways, such as offering flexible working hours, remote work options, and support for continuous education. The entire team operates from an attractive office located at Vlněna in Brno city center.

Throughout 2023, the Product team engaged in several successful team-building events, including renting a cottage in the Jizerské hory and wine tasting in a cellar in the South Moravia region. Apart from these "official" events, numerous spontaneous activities like bouldering, camping, and post-sprint drinks contribute to the vibrant team spirit.

Beyond the provision of a common meal allowance or 25 days of vacation, all employees can opt for a paid Multisport card or cafeteria, a substantial contribution to pension savings, and more.

Brno Solution Center cultivates open and transparent communication, devoid of strict hierarchy, yet always respectful of differing opinions. Encouraging individuals to take the initiative in exploring and experimenting with innovative methods to enhance our product for new markets and demands plays a pivotal role in shaping the future direction of the company.

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