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Customer Support Representative

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified


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About us 👇🏼

At lempire, we're a passionate team on a mission to help individuals and businesses grow.

As a B2B SaaS company, valued at $150 million, we offer an array of products:

🔵 lemlist: our platform designed to assist people in personalising their outreach and securing more meetings with leads.

🟠 lemwarm: our premier deliverability tool on the market that assists users in keeping their emails out of the spam folder.

🔴 lemcal: our scheduling tool complete with personalised booking page to arrange meetings 2X faster.

🟣 Taplio & Tweet Hunter: our tools aimed at building strong personal brands on LinkedIn & Twitter.

Plus, 2 more products launching in 2024.

At lempire, we also believe in fostering a sense of community. We achieve this by bringing like-minded people together through our online community and onsite events.

Additionally, we provide free online learning resources, all with the goal of helping our audiences grow their businesses exponentially faster.

Our mantra: Keep growing! We live by it each and every day.

As Customer Support Representative for lemlist, you’ll be in charge of educating and helping users succeed.

In your new role, you are expected to:

- Help us retain our current users

- Make their experience the best possible so they can refer us

- Upsell when you target the need

- Make sure the voice of the user is heard. Your unique focus is answering tickets created by users via live chat.

- Be fluent in French & English

You can also call users, to make their experience warmer and better take care of their needs.

You will have complete freedom and an environment where you can be creative, learn, and develop your skills. Your goal would be to achieve 98%+ customer satisfaction. In our weekly reports, we also include the number of calls with users, upsells, and direct sales. Happy news - as long as you show care and devotion towards users, these numbers will all be hit easily.

You will work with the Head of Customer Excellence as your direct manager and in correlation with the dev, sales, and marketing team.

Here how your first weeks will look like:

Phase 1: week #1 (onboarding)

- Knowledge base - have a walk through our FAQ

- Get to know all the tools customer support uses

- Create 3 campaigns on your own account and test lemlist by yourself in depth

Phase 2: week #2 to week #5 (testing field)

- You will be assigned easy tickets

- Get familiar with rules and strategies for ticket handling

- Everyday review of tickets handled with the Head of CS

Phase 3: week #6 to week #8 (upsell and retention focus)

- Start with difficult tickets and more tech-oriented

- Have a call with 10 potential upsells per week minimum

- Have a call with 10 potential churns per week minimum

Phase 4: week #8 to week #12 (spreading skills)

- Get one side project based on your potential and interest shown

Get a portion of the FAQ with deadlines to level upPhase 5: week #12 to week #16 (skills presentation)

- Complete a feedback file based on your experience

- Complete a feature request file based on your experience

- Present a strategy of searching for users that are potential churn or upsell and create a doc of users to reach out to - based on that Additional info

Perks & Benefits

  • Flexibility - where you live and work is totally up to you. FYI, we have an office in Paris if you enjoy life at the office
  • Vacations: 25 days per year
  • You get a laptop + tools and equipment you need for your job
  • Team building - We all get together once per year, in really cool places around the world
  • - Screening call with Ena (Head of Support) and Victoire (TAM)

    - Business Case

    - Case restitution

    - Interview with Charles COO or Oriane (CoS)

    Wondering what it's like to work with us? Peek into our world here 👉🏻

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