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Après 5 ans passés en tant qu'ingénieur dans le monde de l'informatique industrielle, Fabrice s'est passionné pour les technologies blockchain. Il a rejoint Ledger en tant que Product Manager, responsable de l'intégration des nouvelles crypto-monnaies.

Après 5 ans passés en tant que Software Engineer pour travailler dans la finance. Il a rejoint Ledger en tant que Senior software engineer pour travailler sur le produit BtoB Vault. Lorsqu’il n’est pas occupé à développer vous pouvez retrouver Yass sur un terrain de Foot ou à pousser la chansonnette.

Adrien joined Ledger 5 years ago. First in Shipping and then in Logistics - in charge of taxes and customs, he evolved in 2022 on the position of Blockchain Developer Advocate in order to build the relationship between the company and the Developers of the ecosystem. Self-taught, he became passionate about Web3 and learned a lot at Ledger. In this video, he shares his experience and his vision of the crypto culture in the company.

Céline a commencé chez Ledger en CDD longue durée en Janvier 2017 comme Opératrice de Production. En novembre 2017, elle évolue en CDI sur le poste de Head of Production. Aujourd'hui, Céline manage et orchestre la totalité des équipes de Production de l’usine de production, à Vierzon - soit près de 50 personnes. En parallèle de ses fonctions, elle a été élue Secrétaire du Comité Social et Économique (CSE) et partage avec nous, l’impact du CSE chez Ledger, sur ses collaborateurs France.


Founded in 2014, Ledger is the global leader of security solutions and infrastructure for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications, with more than 4 million users in 180 countries.

Ledger combines hardware and software expertise to secure billions of dollars worth of almost 2,000 different crypto assets - worldwide, 15% of these assets are managed through the Ledger ecosystem.

Bolstered by accelerated growth (with revenue growing by 6 times between the first semesters of 2020 and 2021), and a new fundraiser that made Ledger a “unicorn” worth 1.5 billion dollars, Ledger will be a major player in the fourth industrial revolution - the revolution of the Internet of Value, Web3, DeFi, and NFTs.

Ledger designs the most reliable and user-friendly solutions: their R&D team created an operating system, integrated into the Nano S and X, and a platform, Ledger Live, that allows users to take back control of their digital lives by acting as a secure gateway to the entire ecosystem of digital assets. Ledger has already welcomed more than 330 people in 2021 - and they’re just getting started. Based in Paris, Vierzon, Singapore, New York, London, Geneva, Montpellier and Grenoble, upon arriving at Ledger employees sign a “P.A.C.T” of values: Pragmatism, Audacity, Commitment, Transparency and Trust

What they are looking for

Employees who share our vision and values; who are committed to contributing autonomously to the collective ambition with their know-how and expertise.

The future Ledger acts with common sense, simplicity and agility. He/she dares to think big and think outside the box, and above all, enjoys teamwork. Each employee is a part of our success.

Good to know

To join us, you must be an expert in your field and curious, eager to discover the Blockchain!

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