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key4events is the reference for the technical management of a scientific/medical/corporate event, be it national or global. Simply put, it is the small, expert and efficient (but not always visible!) hands that ensure the smooth running of a conference, from registration to programme management, including access control, speakers' interventions and the production/broadcast of the event's content. Founded in 2004, key4events is today an experienced partner that puts all its resources - human and technological - at the service of event organisers. The company has experience in the field, but also in hybrid or virtual congresses, and a CSR awareness that it instils in all its projects.

What they are looking for

key4events recruits employees who are both creative and experts in their field. This is essential to meet the challenges of tomorrow, in a world of events that is evolving very quickly, both technologically and in terms of people! It is for this last reason that the profiles they are looking for have good interpersonal skills. Candidates may come from traditional educational backgrounds (Master's degree in information technology, programming, engineering schools, etc.) or have a less academic background, but with a real interest in specific technologies.

Good to know

At key4events, flexibility is a must, with 1 to 2 days of teleworking per week for everyone. Here, we keep things moving: the teams usually produce their own internal videos and podcasts to present employees, events and behind-the-scenes, and can practice sports together (the Promenade is just around the corner!). In general, key4events looks after its clients by carefully managing and executing their projects but it also looks after its employees by organising surprise in-house events like giving away vegetable baskets but also the famous "Fat Fridays", where nutritional advice goes out the window!

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