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Kantree is a European collaborative platform that helps companies better plan, manage and execute their tasks, projects, workflows, and therefore streamline teamwork, whatever their line of work may be.

The emergence of remote work and forced digitalization has led to the accumulation of tools, excel spreadsheets, emails and hours spent on video calls, which have too often caused frustration, tension, and occasional delays.

By putting people at the center and capitalizing on their business know-how, Kantree allows the involvement of all individuals at all levels, so that they fully participate in the development of tomorrow's workflows.

The immense flexibility of Kantree’s workspaces makes it possible to accommodate the needs of the most demanding companies and to support them towards a resolutely agile digital transition that takes into account individuals and teams, as well as the need for operational efficiency, task management, and project management.

Kantree thus offers companies the opportunity to reinvent the way they work together by relying on their collective intelligence.

What they are looking for

Kantree is one of few tech cooperatives! This means that everyone is involved in the life of the company, provides recommendations, and makes decisions. Autonomy and transparency, as well as teamwork, are strong values at the heart of the SCOP and they are quite naturally an integral part of the product's DNA, since they are practiced on a daily basis.

Having already acquired many customers, key accounts, SMEs and key players in the field of research, Kantree is expanding both in France and internationally, and is strengthening teams with a wide range of profiles who want to be engaged, create, share, build and sell a product that makes sense.

Their market is booming, so if you have ideas and want to take action, don't hesitate, everything still remains to be done.

Good to know

  • They are remote-first, working from anywhere in the world…
  • … but always surrounded by their team.
  • Every day, they put their thoughts and recommendations into practice.
  • They are the first users of Kantree.

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