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“In service of wine, those who make it and those who share it” is the hallmark of iDealwine. Day after day, each of our teams strive to create the perfect place for wine lovers to come to find the wines of their dreams. Besides purchasing wine, a wide range of services is available to wine lovers during every step of their journey, from custom cellar building, storage service and cellar evaluation to resale, a wine encyclopaedia and weekly newsletters.

Wine lovers can make their purchases using the online shop at iDealwine, which offers a variety of wines from around 900 domains, all of which are carefully selected by our buyers. In addition to this, iDealwine hosts a series of wine auctions every 10 days, which offers access to rare, ready-to-drink bottles of wine that can otherwise be impossible to find. iDealwine is the world leader in online wine auctions, all of which are assured by the presence of an auctioneer and which are held completely online.

Dedicated to creating a world full of grand vins, whether they be prestigious labels or lesser known signatures, iDealwine's services are designed to offer a first-rate experience to its clients. A frontrunner among the pure players of wine sales, iDealwine was founded in 2000 and even after more than 20 years of business, iDealwine has retained a strong innovative culture and culture for change.

Would you like to join a well-established, yet ever-evolving digital company specialising in grand vins? Then the team here at iDealwine wants to hear from you.

What they are looking for

Made up of around 50 employees, the company is primarily searching for people who are driven by a desire to support its strong growth. A passion for wine is the essence of this company and so a keen interest in this industry is strongly favoured. E-commerce skills are also a must if you want to join this pure player in wine sales. Lastly, innovative thinking and the love of a challenge are strong values at iDealwine, so any new ideas you have will always be welcomed.

Good to know

Please note:

  • By joining the team at iDealwine you will also get:
  • The opportunity to join a profit-sharing scheme, which is available to all employees
  • Discounts on your wine purchases of course 😊

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