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humasana is the european online parapharmacy dedicated to clean products ! 

Thanks to humasana, everyone has access to products that truly correspond to their needs, that respect the uniqueness of their body, and that are aligned with their values. 

humasana's mission? To promote Clean Health and enable everyone to take care of themselves today, so they can be healthy tomorrow. 

humasana's ambition? To make humasana the European leader in online parapharmacy and preventive medicine!  

What they are looking for

We are looking for... People in charge. Each member of the team is in charge of a part of humasana's destiny. This responsibility is assumed in successes and failures. Trustworthy people, who communicate consistently, simply and sympathetically. Result-oriented and team players. Our focus: to achieve objectives and succeed!   Optimistic people who want to excel and who have a lot of fun doing it! 

Good to know

humasana was co-founded by four serial entrepreneurs, including Denis Fayolle, the co-founder of La Fourchette, ManoMano, Singulart, etc.  In 2022, humasana raised funding.  humasana is an international company where english is the language of reference!  Every product on humasana is tested by the team ;)

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