Automotive, Logistics, Mobility

Paris, Bruxelles, Madrid


Hiflow is revolutionising automotive logistics as it establishes itself as the top digital vehicle delivery platform in France. The start-up provides private and business clients with an easy way to transfer a car, with just a few clicks, and within 48 hours.

What are they offering? To simplify vehicle transfer for:

  • private clients
  • dealerships
  • short/long-term hire companies
  • fleet managers.

What's the plus point? Hiflow's innovations mean they now take just 5 minutes to plan trips, compared with 45 minutes when they started.

What's the objective? Their wide range of solutions has a match for every client's needs, and then the vehicle will be delivered in record time.

Hiflow in numbers:

  • Over 300 major account clients
  • Over 15,000 vehicles moved per month
  • Over 7,000 active drivers

What they are looking for

Every member of staff at Hiflow feels invested in the company's project and is keen to contribute to it every day. The company is looking for capable, self-reliant individuals ready to put their all into this wonderful human and business adventure.

The commitment and abilities of our people are what drive the company forwards every day.

The company makes a special effort to:

  • listen to everyone's needs and promote their well-being
  • spread positive vibes
  • be transparent with their figures so as to involve the staff in decision-making.

Sharing and caring are important factors in Hiflow's success.

To find out more about how they do things, click HERE

Good to know

The company takes particular care to support staff both professionally and personally from day one and until the day they leave.

For example, all staff meet up twice a year for a general meeting in which they can highlight strategic actions the company should put in place to sustain its growth.

The Hiflow project is characterised by a desire for innovation that will contribute to the digitalisation of a changing sector.

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