Senior Unity Developer

Senior Unity Developer

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    Who are they?

    GoodAI started as a research and development initiative inside Keen Software House in January 2014, when CEO Marek Rosa invested $10M USD into the project.

    At Good AI we are focused on 3 areas

    • Research of AGI
    • Applied AI & Robotics
    • AI Game development

    Our long-term goal is to build general artificial intelligence that will automate cognitive processes in science, technology, business, and other fields. We conduct our own research, advocate fundamental AI research at the EU governmental level, and forge a community of like-minded groups through the GoodAI Grants program.

    GoodAI is a company with around 30 talented people working all across the world.

    GoodAI stands apart from other AI companies because of our roadmap, framework, and big-picture view. We pursue general AI with a long-term, 10+ year vision, and remain dedicated to this goal. We will not be distracted by narrow AI approaches or short-term commercialization, though we are certain to find useful applications for our general AI technology along the way.

    Our roadmap, framework, and experimental implementations are at a very early stage and should be taken as works in progress. We are focused on the gradual accumulation of skills and recursive self-improvement. We do research in growing network topologies and modular networks and train and teach our AI in our School for AI.

    At GoodAI, we want to create a positive future for everyone. Developing general AI will be the most helpful thing in human history, and we want to help make this dream come true.

    Job description

    Do you have a passion for PC games? Are you skilled in Unity and C#? Do you have experience working as a game developer? Do you like challenges? Then join our GoodAI team, sister company of Keen Software House who has developed Space Engineers, the successful sandbox game that sold over 4 million copies around the world! 

    You will have an opportunity to work on a novel game whose tech builds on Large Language Models (think ChatGPT and similar).. Your work will range from concept creation through to implementation, testing and deployment.


    • Implement new game features.

    • Work on game logic, AI, controls, UI, shaders and more.

    • Perform code reviews, write documentation.

    • Present solutions.

    • Take part in team-wide meetings and discussions.

    • Work closely with other developers, QA engineers, game designers and artists.

    • Proactively help to clarify requirements when needed.

    • Share your knowledge with the rest of the team.

    Team Culture

    • Results-oriented: we measure ourselves only by our results.

    • No limits: we can achieve anything; we are pushing our limits in technology and art.

    • Integrity: we have the courage to do the right thing, regardless of the consequences and the inconvenience.

    • Extreme ownership: it does not matter if you are a leader or an individual contributor. Every team member accepts accountability and equal responsibility for our collaborative effort.

    • Excellence in execution: our teams aim for excellence in everything we do – we get what we tolerate.

    • Simplicity in design: less is better; avoid feature creep; simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

    • Teamwork: we treat our colleagues with respect, supporting each other throughout to ensure we maximize the value for everyone while creating an atmosphere of trust.


    • Great team!

    • Effective development & processes not delayed by bureaucracy

    • Work on a product with an ambition for being novel

    • Opportunity to make a significant impact

    • Healthy work-life balance and five weeks of paid holidays

    • Unlimited sick days (we trust our people)

    • Unique working environment – Oranzerie

    • Remote collaboration is the norm – take home office anytime you want or work from another country

    • Relocation package

    • Competitive compensation and a generous bonus model

    • Stock options

    • Family-friendly

    • Team socialization – games, parties, outdoor activities, trips. Bring your family members!

    • Talent development and long career rewards – time dedicated for study.

    • Company-paid online and offline education courses, books and magazines, participation at industry conferences and workshops

    • Studio cafeteria with free coffee and healthy fruit days

    • Regular company lunches and outside grills

    Preferred experience

    • At least one commercially released game title on PC/Consoles created in Unity.

    • Excellent programming skills (C#), including writing clean, well-documented and testable code.

    • Experience collaborating with other developers: communication, version control, and issue tracking.

    • Ability to learn – you learn new concepts and skills rapidly, and look to understand things in an in-depth way.

    • Drive – you’re energetic, hard-working, and persevere through adversity until the job is done, and done well. You are motivated by getting results and always aim for excellence in what you do.

    • Communicative level of English – you will be part of an international team since our colleagues are from all over the world.

    • Friendly personality, respectful approach.


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