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Gireve is a European leader in the EV charging industry.

We develop technical tools and digital solutions for EV charging operators. Thanks to our roaming platform, they can offer a seamless charging experience to EV drivers, and manage their contracts easily. As we handle millions of charging transactions, we have developed tailored consulting and data services to offer market intelligence and support decisions makers in their infrastructure development plans.

Today, we have a very ambitious roadmap: we are only at the beginning of our story! Thanks to our solid and renowned shareholders and our committed and passionate talents, we are building the future of mobility. Electric mobility has enormous potential: you will discover it day after day. Much more than a job, we offer you a real role to play in building the world of tomorrow!

What they are looking for

Our services enable a reliable and a high quality charging experience for EV drivers. This is why Gireve emphasizes high standards and precision down to the smallest detail.

In this emerging market, we are looking for people with a curious temperament and eager to discover the growing e-mobility industry.

Good to know

At Gireve you will also enjoy:

  • recent offices, fitted out for a pleasant working atmosphere.
  • a strong international dimension with clients in more than 30 countries and a multicultural team.
  • caring people willing to facilitate your integration
  • the opportunity to work in a company with a strong ecological dimension due to its specialization in electromobility.
  • a flexible teleworking policy.

and, if you look closely and turn your head, a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower from our 5th floor!

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