At the origin of the FRNCH brand is a Parisian couple, Franck and Chloé, complementary and passionate about fashion. In 2015, the brand was created.

FRNCH is much more than just a clothing brand. It's the result of a shared vision and an unwavering commitment to creating quality clothing. 

Since its conception, FRNCH has enjoyed growing success, attracting the attention of fashion lovers from all over the world. Their creations combine quality, style and comfort, setting them apart in the competitive fashion market. 

Today, FRNCH has an established international presence with over 600 retailers in more than 21 countries.

What they are looking for

We draw inspiration from our familial entrepreneurial spirit and pass it on to our team. We attach great importance to maintaining open communication to encourage the sharing of advice, discussion, and mutual support. With a team drawn from different cultures, countries and backgrounds–diversity and inclusion are a top priority for us! Above all, we are looking for committed, caring and open-minded people. 

Good to know

Our office and showroom are located in the heart of Paris' 3rd arrondissement. We love presenting our new collections, which take place over a delicious breakfast with the whole team. It's a privileged moment when we share moments of conviviality while discovering the wonders of the collection together.

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