Forest Admin

Forest Admin

Customer Success

  • Permanent contract 
  • Salary between €40K and €60K
  • Possible full remote

The company

Forest Admin

Forest Admin

    The job

    Customer Success

    • Permanent contract 
    • Salary between €40K and €60K
    • Possible full remote


    Forest has been designed to help developers save time and to provide business teams with an Internal Tool tailored to their operations. We’ve developed a “back office as a service” allowing any web-based company to skip all the design, development and maintenance of their back office.

    How big is the market? All apps need a back office, which means we can have an impact on virtually … all web related businesses! We’re currently on-boarding more and more fast-growing companies (ex. Qonto, Heetch, Carbon Health…) at an incredible pace and are looking to accelerate our expansion.

    Our product is deeply technical and requires that we deal with and integrate many stacks and development frameworks. It keeps us in constant touch with other developers from great companies, which is why we consider it essential that all of us in the team are able to “speak code”.

    You’ll be joining our Customer Experience team which consists of developers, PMs, Solution Engineers and Customer Success professionals. Every day, you will work closely with the team to ensure our customers’ voice is heard and then put into practice within the organisation. This team is one of our key growth drivers today!

    Job description

    Customer Success is key at Forest Admin as it drives a significant share of our future growth. This is done primarily by working closely with our customers to ensure they capture the most value from our platform.

    As an early member of the newly created Customer Experience team, you’ll be instrumental in helping define our team strategies and processes and in your Customer Success role you will:

    • Manage the revenue of an account portfolio and be responsible for upselling while preventing churn or contraction
    • Monitor client health metrics to maintain a high NPS
    • Identify new promising client use cases that can generate new business opportunities
    • Oversee the onboarding of new high potential accounts and ensure their successful implementation
    • Provide product feedback to the team on client feature requests
    • Coordinate technical support on operational and functional issues
    • Implement a low-touch customer strategy at scale

    Preferred experience

    Preferred Experience

    • 2+ years experience in a similar position ideally in a B2B SaaS environment
    • Coding experience (previous experience, side project or training/ coding bootcamp)
    • Ability to quickly understand a company’s processes
    • Born problem solver
    • Strong prioritization and multitasking skills
    • Fluent in both French and English, with excellent verbal and written skills
    • Excellent client contact skills, ability to remain calm and composed when dealing with tough customer situations

    Why you should apply

    • Opportunity to take part in the creation of a new class of SaaS products
    • Exciting time to join a fast paced startup
    • Competitive salary
    • Equity
    • Strong company values and team ethos
    • Cool roof-top offices located in the center of Paris (75009)
    • Great team events

    Recruitment process

    • Preliminary call
    • Fit interview with our Customer Success team
    • Case study
    • Feedback and challenge meeting with our CEO

    Meet the team

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