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Graduated from Supélec then from HEC Paris, followed by a year at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm).

After two years spent working as a strategy consultant, Eric, a seasoned globetrotter, decided to find a way to bring together this passion and his entrepreneurial skills. He left his job as a consultant and with his newly-found associate, Yvan Wibaux, they spent nine months coming up with a concept and breathing life into it. Finally in June 2009, Evaneos.com emerged.

Eric La Bonnardière is a true Epicurean and it would be his lifelong dream to venture to Uganda and come face-to-face with their legendary gorillas.

Annika started her career in the airline industry, and has been living and working in different European countries. After several years in Marketing and E-Commerce, she decided to step into the Start-up Travel world and thus founded her own company in the Tours and Activities sector in Paris.

She joined Evaneos three years ago, seduced by its business model and unique team spirit, and today heads up the Northern Countries at Evaneos as Tribe Leader.

What Annika loves most about her job is dealing with the different teams within her tribe, developing the Northern countries by building a strong travel brand, involvement in a unique customer experience, and by finding synergies among her markets to take Evaneos to the next level.

From an engineering background, Audrey discovered product practices on her own in a SaaS company. That’s why she was so eager to join Evaneos back in 2017 to work with an experienced product team.

After 3 years of working closely with our local agents & internal teams on B2B products, she is now Head of Product. She's in charge of Product Managers & Designers who work on bringing value to Travelers & Agents toward Better Trips.

She is a passionate advocate of customer centricity and she believes that Evaneos can become a truly customer-centric company thanks to the power of cross-team collaboration.

After getting his engineer degree in computer science and taking a year off to travel the world, Lucas was thrilled to discover a company that combined both of his passions.

Settling down in Paris in 2015, he had the opportunity to join Evaneos as a frontend developer, working on the refactoring of the personal account pages. The community of developers at Evaneos helped him a lot to improve his skills and learn new programming methods.

After his two degrees in environmental engineering, Maxime took eight months off to travel around Europe. During this trip, he had the idea to create a website to share and spread knowledge. This idea brought about a major change: he decided to relearn how to code from scratch and quickly became a real web developer.

Two years later, with two more degrees in web development and many lines of code written, Maxime met an engineering manager from Evaneos. He immediately embraced the idea of working for better (more ecological and ethical) travel. He had long wanted to work on a project that made sense. After 6 months at Evaneos, Maxime is still the only junior developer at Evaneos. He is surrounded by qualified colleagues and is happy to learn new things every day (TDD, DDD, and so on...).

Eleanor started her career in travel publishing in London after graduating from Oxford University with a degree in Geography. Over the following ten years, she moved from content to brand roles, falling in love with Paris, writing a book about the city and moving countries along the way. Joining Evaneos in 2020 brought together her passions for travel and communications. She loves working at the intersection of creative and strategic teams, driven by making a real impact on the future of the industry.


Better Trips for travelers. Better Trips for the world.

Since Evaneos was founded in 2009, we’ve been building a greener, fairer future for travel. By connecting travelers with the world’s best local experts, we provide trips that are better for them and better for the places they visit. For us, it’s all about quality and impact. That means fighting mass tourism and impersonal experiences at the expense of local communities and the environment. Instead, we offer tailor-made trips, lovingly crafted by those passionate about sharing and protecting the destinations they call home. Thanks to our network of more than 1000 local partners in more than 160 destinations, we’ve helped more than 500,000 travelers plan extraordinary trips around the world. The adventure doesn’t stop here. We invest a percentage of every trip we sell in our Better Trips Fund and have committed to spend at least 3 million € by 2025 on projects that reduce the negative impacts of travel and drive positive change within our industry. Think: certified carbon offsets, planting mangrove trees, collecting ocean bound plastics, guiding small businesses through sustainability training and certification, creating new opportunities for woman-owned businesses, and much more.

Our values are just as important within Evaneos. Our strength is in our diversity: our multitude of languages, backgrounds, and experiences. We believe in building the best teams by creating an environment where everyone can be authentic, trust each other and thrive.

We hope you’ll join us on our mission.

You can also follow our Glassdoor page and see the comments of our current employees and candidates.

What they are looking for

Thanks to our history, our culture, our values, all the people whom once crossed our path and joined the adventure, we’re really unique today, and we will remain unique for the next years.

Together, we are authentic, curious, trustful, iterative and collaborative, and want to welcome other people who share these key values for us.

With both current and future Evaneossians, we are building an authentic and international environment, open to everyone.

In one word, we’re not just looking for CVs that stand out, we’re looking for personalities who embody our spirit and our passion for better travel!

Good to know

The perks of being an Evaneossian include…

👋 2 days a month (Evaneos days) when everyone meets at "La Voyagerie" and shares formal and informal moments

🌍 A travel pot for everyone to use on the Evaneos platform

💻 An innovative and flexible remote policy including the possibility of working anywhere in the world for several weeks a year

🚆 An environmental RTT to encourage long-distance rail travel on vacation

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