ETS Global

ETS Global

Education, Job Training, Recruitment

Amsterdam, Berlin, Dubai, Istanbul, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Warsaw

Sales Team

The Sales team objective is to increase the volume of tests sold and to grow the revenue. Our main clients are education institutions, vocational schools, training centers, companies and government entities. Our main objective is customer satisfaction and development of long term relationships thanks to our customer centric approach.

The sales team contributes to the brand awareness of ETS Global products and to the customer loyalty bringing strong expertise and support in assessment.

Customer Service Team

Their main mission of the CS Team is to respond to customer requests (B2B & B2C) by providing high quality support on our various products. The Customer Service team ensures the continuous improvement of our processes based on customer's feedback, product usage and experience, in line with our customer-centric approach.

The CS team is dedicated to offering our customers a top-notch service and a seamless experience, through the implementation of automated procedures and digital tools, in order to enhance client satisfaction and promote it as a core value for the company.

Marketing Team

The MarCom & CX team within ETS Global is dedicated to managing several areas linked to product management, Customer Experience and MarCom activities with a deep forcus on digital approch.

Their goal is to manage branding, administration and marketing materials, defining an on and offline marketing & communication strategy through digital campaigns, social media platforms, website creation and management and offline activities such as events or PR at a local and global level. They are committed to deploy and measure brand awareness, lead and revenue generation tactics in order to support business development across EMEA

The Marketing team is also responsible for ETS Global's culture switch from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach through the Customer Experience Strategy.