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Ekkiden is a team of enthusiasts in which each member accelerates his or her career according to opportunities and reveals his or her potential in a motivating environment. Their vision is clear: to build together a modern consulting group in which employees, candidates and clients enjoy a personalized, rewarding and innovative experience.

Today, the company is organised around 5 staff teams which are HR & Recruitment; Business; Sales Development Representative; Admin, Finance & Legal; Marketing & Communication; and consultants who constitute the majority of the company's workforce. 20 nationalities compose the Ekkiden community and the teams are mainly spread across Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland, but also on site at clients' offices or in remote throughout Europe.

Employee breakdown

  • Consultants


  • HR & Recrutement


  • Business


  • Sales Development Representative


  • Admin, Finance & legal


  • Marketing & Communication


The consultants

The consultants are the heart of Ekkiden. With the ambition to put people back at the center of the consulting world and to give everyone the chance to unleash their potential, the company gives them the opportunity to accelerate their careers and to reveal their potential in an innovative environment, according to opportunities and without conditions.

As an integral part of the other teams, they lead the technological, operational and organizational transformation projects of clients. They also benefit from multiple opportunities within the company to develop their skills, realize their ambitions and flourish, especially through squads, an active community and side projects, in addition to a close and privileged relationship with the other teams.

Our culture leaves a lot of space for initiative and autonomy. Our role is to recruit people with potential and to make sure that their potential emerges. And that means creating a working environment where good ideas can come to life.

Geoffrey, CEO & fondateur

The business team

At Ekkiden, the business team is responsible for the company's global commercial development. The Business Managers are responsible for expanding Ekkiden's activities across Europe, opening new markets and developing existing ones according to geographical, sectoral and technological factors.

In charge of client and consultant relationships, the Business team is committed to an approach of excellence that is both innovative and human. They are also in charge of defining and implementing the commercial strategy, designing and guaranteeing the relevance of the business offers and optimising the alignment between the company's different operational teams.

The business at Ekkiden is to guarantee a constant qualitative commitment to our clients and our consultants. We want to put people back at the heart of our business in a respectful way while maintaining our business excellence!

Bastien, IT & Digital Department Manager

The recruitment team

The recruitment team is Ekkiden's answer to the challenges of today's recruitment. From its creation, the company has focused on a significant and expert recruitment team in order to be able to adapt to the needs of the market in all circumstances. With the ambition to change the rules and do things differently, the creation of this team goes beyond the simple reception and management of applications.

This is why today it is more like a large community where candidates have a personalized and human experience. How does the team manage to animate it, expand it and build loyalty? Through an optimal follow-up of applications, a close relationship with candidates and innovative techniques.

When we approach our candidates, we don't just try to match skills with client needs. We also try to understand their expectations in terms of career, culture and benefits so that everyone is aligned.

Marilena, Talent Acquisition Manager

The Sales team

At Ekkiden, the Sales department works hand in hand with the Business and Recruitment teams. Its objective? To generate leads to feed the sales cycle and to promote smooth and optimal business operations. The department has three main missions: Market Intelligence, which consists of conducting market analyses and competitive intelligence to guide strategic decisions and be fully relevant; multi-channel prospecting and outbound acquisition, through which the SDR team positions itself as the first point of contact for potential clients while constantly trying to optimise these exchanges; improving processes and synergies with other teams, as well as using the CRM and coaching the teams.

Ekkiden grows at the rhythm of its teams and shows great adaptability. The company can adapt to the wishes and skills of its employees so that their potential is unleashed 100% and everyone has the chance to find their place.

Kamelia, Team Lead SDR

HR team

Since it was created, Ekkiden's HR team has worked hard to create, structure and implement an employee experience based on people, development, performance and continuous learning. It is in this sense that the team develops and improves all the processes linked to the life of an employee at Ekkiden, from on-boarding to off-boarding. The HR team also takes care of the various policies related to employees and their working conditions, career development, skills development and compensation and benefits systems.

With my previous experience in hospitality, I like to compare a candidate's journey to a guest's trip: we try to make them feel good, to give them a unique experience with Ekkiden and to make sure they remember us in a positive way.

Hélène, VP HR