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Competitive salaries

Employees have competitive salaries based on a clear and fair salary scale, as well as regular performance-related increases.

Flexibility and teleworking

Employees enjoy a working environment with flexible hours and an advantageous teleworking policy.

Meal vouchers to contribute to their daily food expenses

Employees receive monthly meal vouchers, paid in part by Ekkiden.

Health insurance to cover part of their medical costs

Employees benefit from the Alan health insurance, paid in part by Ekkiden.


Employees can follow training courses to develop their hard and soft skills according to their needs and desires.

Career development

At Ekkiden, each employee builds his or her career according to opportunities, motivation and performance. Within each department, career development is organized according to specific levels, conditions and missions to give the opportunity to each person to develop his or her career according to motivation and skills. And at Ekkiden, career development depends not only on their hard skills but also on their soft skills. On their side, the consultants maintain a close relationship with their managers in order to express their wishes in terms of evolution and skills development. Ekkiden can thus adapt their career path and meet their professional needs.

Theo Le Guine, Lead Talent Acquisition

I started my career at Ekkiden as a Community builder intern, working with the French team on engineering profiles. Starting from scratch by understanding our clients’ needs and market trends, I've been developing myself step by step into different sectors. Something completely new for me as I didn't have any experience on this industry. I quickly adapted myself to this new environment until being comfortable and reach my comfort zone.

After few months I had the opportunity to switch perimeters and move to the Spanish market. A completely different team, new environment, but also industry. I took the challenge to take the lead of the recruitment activities, I remember from the start being highly impressed on how open my team workers were to welcome me and teach me the basics. Thanks to them I quickly grow, getting more and more knowledges, which gave me also different responsibilities.

I took the challenge to take the lead of the recruitment activities, I remember from the start being highly impressed on how open my team workers were to welcome me and teach me the basics.


Ekkiden is committed to giving everyone the chance to create a career that suits them, and supports its employees in developing their skills at various levels. First of all, on-boarding is partly dedicated to training teams in the specific skills of each department. New members also receive a back pack to support them in their integration. This is a set of documents about the company, their team and their job that they can use to help them better understand their new daily routine. Other training courses are also offered by Ekkiden in soft skills, management and linguistics. The company also has two programs linked to skills development: squads, a gathering of employees around common interests, and the Next Generation Program dedicated to trainees.


Work life

Team rituals and events

Team rituals and events

As the Ekkiden teams are spread across Europe, it is important to maintain links with rituals and events. In addition to regular contact through digital tools such as sharing good news on a common channel and weekly newsletters, every month the staff meets for the Monthly Beer & Cheer to share the latest news, projects and figures. Regularly, the market' & com' team also organizes actions to strengthen the bonds between the teams, such as the famous Christmas Party. Every year, the whole team meets in person for a annual seminar! Then, each department organizes its own team building activities to get to know each other better and work together more effectively.