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Ekkiden Technologies

  • Change Management, IT / Digital
  • Berne, Lyon, Madrid, Munich, Neuilly-Sur-Seine
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Past and future

May 2019

birth of Ekkiden and opening of the first office in France, in Lyon

April 2020

opening of the first office in Switzerland

January 2021

50 employees

November 2019

opening of the first offices in Germany, in Munich, and in Spain, in Madrid, as well as the second office in France

January 2022

120 employees and opening of the second office in Germany, in Cologne

January 2023

200 employees

Their vision

  • Our ambition is clear: to reinvent the consulting world.
  • Our project is ambitious: to build a modern consulting group in which teams, candidates and clients live a personalized, fulfilling and innovative experience. and innovative experience.
  • Our strength is obvious: the potential of our teams.
Their vision

Company values

To create a different working environment that promotes fulfilment and freedom: this is what Ekkiden promises its employees. The company offers to each of them to unleash his or her potential, to build a professional project that suits him or her and to have an impact on the construction of a common, ambitious and international. Everyone can express their own ideas, launch initiatives according and carry out projects with a strong impact. Ekkiden guarantees real flexibility and great autonomy to its teams to let everyone reveal their full potential in an international and stimulating context.

Smarter together

to develop close bonds and to promote trusting collaboration to go further, faster, together.

Move forward and change the game

to dare to be bold and not be afraid to challenge ourselves to have an impact on our sector.

Do it with integrity

to act ethically and in line with our personal values to develop our common project.

Smile and shine

to have faith in our optimism and to maintain our enthusiasm to ensure the success of our company.

Never stop learning

to stay agile and to satisfy our desire to learn in order to remain relevant and to improve continuously.

Commitments and CSR

Ekkiden is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility challenges since its creation, particularly in terms of social aspects. The team comes from all over the world and work throughout Europe. The company gathers 20 nationalities working together, each bringing their own strengths and perspectives. In addition, Ekkiden is working towards total gender equality in terms of gender balance and salaries. Today, parity is an essential part of Ekkiden's development.

On top, the company has developed a business offer around CSR to help its clients deal with these topics. Both internally and externally, Ekkiden is concerned about social and environmental issues and does its best to address them effectively through its teams and concrete actions.


Ekkiden is now launching a brand new consulting offer dedicated to sustainability and ESG. It aims at providing companies with the skills and talents they need to tackle environmental issues: CSR strategy, compliance and labelization; eco-design and project management; energy efficiency; green IT; carbon footprint measurement and net-zero transition. In a nutshell, Ekkiden wants to help green businesses grow and not-so-green companies become greener.

Ekkiden is a consulting firm which puts human in the heart of its strategy: hiring, training and developing men and women that constitutes this project is our best achievement.