Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Connected Objects, Health, Pharmaceutical / Biotech, SaaS / Cloud Services, Software

Paris, Créteil

Organization and methodologies

For R&D: the team coordinates interactions between different areas of product development. We are firm advocates of Agile processes with all their associated rituals to encourage communication and deliver reliable and high-performance solutions. For IT: weekly or monthly meetings are organised to encourage communication and transparency, and to allow everyone to receive tailored support.

Projects and tech challenges

Echosens decided to launch a Technical Career Path in parallel of the Management Career Path with 5 level : Technician – Engineer – Senior Engineer – Staff Engineer – Principal Engineer.

For the Company, the expected benefits are to build a funnel of technical leaders and to provide clearer expectations to technical leaders to better define and execute the technology roadmap to drive differentiation and quality.

For our people, our goals are to recognize and value expert profiles aligned with Echosens’ expertise needs, to give them prospects for advancement within the Company.

Echosens wishes to highlight technical career paths.

Beyond our Global Competency Model used during the Annual Performance Review, we have built a Technical Competency Model with our expectations based on the following pillars :

  • Expertise depth and breadth

  • Technology development expertise

  • Strategic thinking

At this stage, the project is being implemented within the R&D teams.



Our IT Department is currently working on improving SIEM in order to be more responsive in the event of security incidents and more easily make connections between different events.

Projet technique

To meet increasing digitalisation needs, we have designed a fully connected device that saves results on our secure cloud to improve patient follow-up and support billing for examinations. This project required new software architecture to interconnect our products, cloud, and billing tools. Each section had to be developed with a high level of cyber-security suitable for the needs of personal and health data protection. A key goal of the project was to allow all teams to work together and in collaboration.

Projet technique

Recruitment process

  • Step 1: Interview with HR
  • Step 2: Interview with the Operations Manager
  • Step 3: Interview with a second manager whose tasks are in line with the vacancy
  • Step 4: Welcome to Echosens!