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Dynamips is a digital services company.

Founded in 1992, it has evolved with the same leitmotif: to focus on value. It has therefore logically moved from a status of hardware reseller/maintainer to that of an IT services company specializing in Cloud solutions. And she takes it!

Proximity is the fundamental value that has guided Dynamips since its inception. Both in team management and in the daily relationship with customers. It is for this reason that its agencies have been opened within the departments that the company targets as a priority.

What they are looking for

Dynamips is looking for new and new Mipsiens to expand its teams.

The profiles sought must absolutely:

  • have a keen sense of humor (or be a good audience)
  • have notions in geek attitude (especially to be part of technical teams)
  • like to cook (because at Dynamips, there are a lot of gourmets)

In exchange, Dynamips offers:

  • a great integration course to better understand the challenges of the company
  • certifications to always be at the cutting edge of technology
  • proximity, whether with colleagues, the line manager or even the big boss
  • and many other things to discover by joining the company ;-)

Good to know

  • An advanced CSR approach: since 2014, actions have been put in place to act more responsibly (sponsoring local athletes, sponsoring beehives, etc.)

  • Need flexibility? Teleworking is possible up to 3 days a week

  • Internal events: back-to-school seminar, Christmas party, afterworks...

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