Product Development Engineer

Product Development Engineer

  • 36, Boulevard du Souverain, Watermael-Boitsfort, 1170
  • Permanent contract 
    Starting date:
    Occasional remote
    Education: Master's degree
    Experience: < 6 months

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    Who are they?

    COVARTIM is an engineering company that focuses on the development of medical technologies. COVARTIM helps startups, SMEs and healthcare practitioners develop and certify their medical devices, IVD medical devices and medical software.

    The company is located in Brussels. Its clients are based in Belgium as well as in France, in the Netherlands, in Luxemburg, in Japan, in USA and in Brazil.

    Job description

    As part of the Development team within COVARTIM, the Product Development Engineer provides support for the development of innovative medical devices. (S)he is involved in R&D and V&V activities, which include:

    • Product development: devices design in Solidworks;
    • Preparation of development plans;
    • Industrialization and production management;
    • V&V tests management.

    Preferred experience

    Hard skills:

    • Good technical insight on design, prototyping, assembly, manufacturing processes;
    • Good technical overview of medical device verification and validation;
    • Fluent in English and French/Dutch.

    Soft skills:

    • Quality and customer-service oriented;
    • Focused on details;
    • Team-player with strong communication skills;
    • Ability to work cross-projects and excellent organizational skills;
    • Autonomous and eager to learn;
    • Strong interest in Lifesciences, Technology and Innovation.

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