Clinical Affairs Officer (MedTech)

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The position

Job description

Validator of innovative medical technologies

🩺 You want to make use of your medical expertise?

💡 CIP, CIR, CEP, CER, PMS, PMCF, PSUR ring a bell for you?

🔎 Do you agree that the matter lies in the details or beyond the details?

      👉 Then you cannot miss this job ad! 

Practically, what will you do?

  • Prepare and manage submission for clinical investigations in EU and US;

  • Prepare CEP and CER;

  • Perform state of the art research and analysis;

  • Set up and follow up PMS, PMCF, PSUR;

  • Review and prepare documentation packages for notified bodies, FDA, competent authorities.

What about the team ?

Our members are gathered in two teams : the Development team and the Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs (QA/RA) team. As a Clinical Affairs Officer, you will join the QA/RA team that includes 6 people and that is led by Aurore.

The mission of the QA/RA team is to help our clients achieve the compliance of their devices with regards to the regulatory framework and to provide support for the introduction on the market.

Examples of projects:

⭐  Management of clinical investigation submission for a wearable diagnostic device (Class IIb);

⭐  Management of clinical investigation submission for a xenograft scaffold (Class III);

⭐  Review and update of CEP/CER for endoscopic tools (Class IIa, IIb);

⭐  Update of CEP/CER of IVD systems, including reagents (Class C).

Preferred experience

In order to fulfill your mission, you will need:

  • A good understanding of Medical Devices and IVD regulatory environment (directives, regulations);

  • A good knowledge of medical devices clinical investigation clearance process (EU and US);

  • A good knowledge of medical devices risk management, CIP, CIR, CEP, CER, PMS, PMCF, PSUR;

  • A solid scientific background;

  • A good knowledge of literature search review;

  • To speak English and French/Dutch to communicate with our clients and our cosmopolitan team;

  • To make clients’ satisfaction a priority by combining quality and professionalism. 

Every profile (seniority) is welcome!

🌱 You start your career? Our team will be there to guide you! You will collaborate on several projects and you will quickly have an overview of what can be done here. Cherry on top: you will learn and discover a lot in a short time! 

🌼 You have got a first experience already? We will support you in the development and the enhancement of your knowledge and know-how. You will become more and more autonomous, take the lead on your projects and coordinate team work.

🌳 You have got a proven experience? We will be happy to make our clients and colleagues benefit from your expertise! You will get introduced to our methods then you will take the full lead on challenging projects.

But what if you want to develop your skills and grow within COVARTIM?

Once a year you will define your goals with your manager. It will be a good opportunity to discuss your expectations and needs in terms of responsabilities and training as well as your salary. After 6 months your manager will make sure that you are on the right track to achieve your targets and that your expectations have not changed. Based on the level of your autonomy, your control and your skills you will have the chance to grow within your team and/or the company itself.


We know that homeworking is a must nowadays. However when several people work on the same project the office remains the best option for interactions, ideas and pieces of advice sharing. Same for the coaching which is essential during the first months. 

Once you have become more autonomous you will apply for one or two days per week at home.

Salary range and other benefits:

Based on your skills and seniority, you can expect a monthly gross salary within 2.800 euros and 5.500 euros.

In addition you will get meal vouchers (8 euros/day), a supplemental health insurance (DKV Belgium) and a complementary pension.

Public transport costs are fully covered and you will get compensated for the usage of your own car.

In addition to 20 legal days off, you will get 2 extra days and up to 5 seniority days.


On your arrival and all along your career at COVARTIM you will get many opportunities of learning (technical topics and soft skills). 

Well-being at work:

At COVARTIM we care of our members’ well-being:

  • Attentive director and managers;

  • Weekly monitoring of mood and feelings;

  • A comfortable, spacious and colorful office surrounded by greenery;

  • A good balance between work and life; 

  • Activities that strengthen group cohesion and make the atmosphere even more pleasant (after-works, team-buidings, table football, sport sessions, …);

  • And cherry on top: one well-being workshop per quarter (yoga class, nordic walk, seated massage, cooking class, …).

Recruitment process

(30 minutes)
First call with Kyun to make sure that the job meets your expectations and to fix an interview.

(60-90 minutes)
Meeting with Kyun, Aurore and Arnaud in our office to discuss the job more deeply, to take a quick test (case study) and to discover our office and our team members.

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