Because the corporate culture is the synthesis of its history and the personalities that form it, here is ours:

Anthoni (CEO) and Arnaud (CTO) started in the marketplaces business in 2011, creating Misterb&b, which has become the world leader in the rental of housing between individuals dedicated to the LGBT community. From there, they decided to specialize in service marketplaces, which in their eyes deserved more interest at the time!

In 2013, Anthoni and Arnaud are working in collaboration with Clément on one of his projects. The collaboration will not stop there, as Clément joins the Cocolabs adventure as COO! The story repeats itself with Erik, who after having crossed paths with Anthoni for one of his projects, becomes Head of Sales.

🚀 This is the short history of our company. During this epic story, our 4 associates described the values they hold most dear, the essence of Cocolabs.

Discover our values

🗣 Straight Communication

  • You start with the conclusion
  • You don't bullshit, especially not yourself
  • You ask for help early
  • You listen until the end

💪 Playing the Endzone

  • Done is better than perfect, you accept it
  • Uncertainty and autonomy are part of pioneering, you acknowledge it
  • Done is achieved by doing, you embrace it
  • No one pays for work, you understand it

📈 Improvement Seeking

  • Passion is how things are done well, to be better you are curious
  • You know what is and is not satisfactory
  • You spot and learn from your own mistakes quickly and often
  • You do not accept not knowing as soon as you know that you don't know

🌍 Open-Source

  • Whoever you speak about, you don't say things you wouldn't say to their face
  • You know that shared knowledge doesn't sum but powers up and share as much as you can
  • You earn trust, then bear the responsibilities
  • You don't let a piece of information surprise you twice

👥 Alter-Centric

  • You don't let down those who expect your best
  • You don't remain a champion, you become a coach
  • You know someone needs your help and make sure it isn't yourself
  • You know what others do, their challenge and their methods

🧠 Thinking Clearly

  • You can back what you think, 3 times
  • People listening to you believe you can stand the pressure
  • You are the hardest person you have to convince
  • You can't stand superfluous complexity

Follow them!


Moving from 10% to 80% of B2B sales in the digital channel will take transforming the services supply chain over the next decade. By directly connecting supply and demand, service marketplaces ease communications and optimize collaboration in a flexible manner. They solve workflow issues and thus are a win in most industries. Yet the speed at which this transition is happening is leaving many businesses with no native solution solely dedicated to service based e-commerce, until now.

At Cocorico we are developing an open-source framework based on PHP Symfony to address this issue and become the standard for service based e-commerce projects. Cocolabs, our bespoke service, uses our framework to provide personalized e-commerce platforms to clients ranging from nascent level startups to multinational corporations, including US administrations. Additionally, we offer a ready-to-use solution through our self-hosted SaaS product, Hatch.

We work collectively according to complementary strategies (open-source for developers, bespoke services for companies, off-the-shelf SaaS for project leaders) towards the same objective: providing services with an adapted and efficient e-commerce solution.

What they are looking for

Cocorico is growing rapidly and wants to support this dynamic by recruiting ambitious talents ready to be entrusted with tasks of responsibility. The team values curious, reactive profiles with a strong taste for innovation. They are open to talents with atypical backgrounds who can bring an innovative outlook to the team due to their varied experiences.

Good to know

We love the sunsets at the villa of Cap d'Antibes, the Parisian life dotted with teleworking, self-mockery coupled with the candidness of our teams and giving our best to reach our collective goal : to remain the ultimate solution for service marketplaces to infinity and beyond!

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