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Because the corporate culture is the synthesis of its history and the personalities that form it, here is ours:

Anthoni (CEO) and Arnaud (CTO) started in the marketplaces business in 2011, creating Misterb&b, which has become the world leader in the rental of housing between individuals dedicated to the LGBT community. From there, they decided to specialize in service marketplaces, which in their eyes deserved more interest at the time!

In 2013, Anthoni and Arnaud are working in collaboration with Clément on one of his projects. The collaboration will not stop there, as Clément joins the Cocolabs adventure as COO! The story repeats itself with Erik, who after having crossed paths with Anthoni for one of his projects, becomes Head of Sales.

🚀 This is the short history of our company. During this epic story, our 4 associates described the values they hold most dear, the essence of Cocolabs.


Cocolabs develops software enabling the launch of service marketplaces. Cocolabs provides platform operators customers with bespoke functional ideation and turnkey technical implementation to turn business opportunities into platforms. Cocolabs also provides consulting and training to its IT division clients and IT service companies clients.

Its solution has been deployed more than 800 times on 5 continents, notably for the city of Washington DC, Allianz group and the French Ministry of Labor.

What they are looking for

Cocolabs is a fast growing company and wants to support this dynamic by recruiting ambitious talents ready to be entrusted with responsibilities. The team values curious, driven profiles with a strong taste for innovation. They are open to talents with atypical backgrounds who can bring an innovative outlook to the team due to their varied experiences.

Good to know

We love the sunsets at the villa of Cap d'Antibes, the Parisian life dotted with teleworking. We don't take ourselves too seriously and always speak with candor. Our teams are giving their best to reach our collective goal : to remain the ultimate solution for service marketplaces to infinity and beyond!

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