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The Celsius Energy France teams are organized into 3 divisions: Cindy Demichel manages the sales and support functions Sylvain Thierry manages the operations teams: the surface division (building), the underground division (drilling) and the purchasing, supply chain and logistics division Matthieu Simon manages the engineering and digital teams

Celsius Energy
Celsius Energy

Employee breakdown

  • Support Functions (HSE, Finance, Legal, Assistante)/ Support Functions : 12% (HSE, Finance, Legal , Assistant


  • Operations


  • Studies and pre-feasibility


  • Supply chain


  • Engineering


  • Sales


Operations - Projects

Missions : Manage and coordinate all operations. Several project managers make up the team, and they are the conductors of the orchestra both externally with the various customers, but also internally to coordinate the various operational teams.

Not only does Celsius Energy offer a new solution, but every week, every month, we're talking about new projects with new customers, with new needs and new human interactions. This novelty and perpetual learning is extraordinary.

Emma , Operations Steering Manager

Pre-feasibility team

The team conducts pre-feasibility studies. When we approach a client to propose a geothermal solution, we first conduct preliminary studies to determine whether Celsius Energy's geothermal system is suitable for the client's needs.

Celsius Energy is above all a team. A highly motivated and dynamic team, focused on a project that really drives us.

Joséphine , Pre-feasibility Manager

Operations - basement

Its missions : The drilling of Celsius Energy installations, after the pre-feasibility stage. Once the quotation is signed by the commercial teams, it must be transformed into a site and delivered to the client. The team is in charge of drilling the geothermal probes to the buildings.

QHSE - Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Digital pole

The digital pole coordinates all the digital services and makes sure that they work well together. Circulation pumps, heat pumps... have integrated software that will allow us to measure and modify our actions: modify the temperature of the building, modify the energy that we take from the basement and the one that we are going to give back... etc. All this needs to be orchestrated, and must work in coherence.

I am fortunate to have a job that is meaningful, and that helps solve the problem of climate change.

Guillaume, Digital Architect

Celsius Energy