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Past and future

Founded in 2019, Celsius Energy was born from the desire of three engineers to drastically reduce carbon emissions from building heating and cooling, thanks to the extraordinary potential of geoenergy; a local, renewable and unlimited energy, available everywhere. The year 2021 gave substance to this ambition, with the official inauguration of our demonstrator and the start-up of our first projects in France. A year of accomplishments, driven by a growing team based in Clamart, Montpellier, London and Boston. Today, we are growing at an excitingly fast pace, to match the growth of our business. Mature and efficient, our solution can be implemented now!


drilling started on future geoenergy demonstrator


the Celsius Energy solution obtained the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label, among the 1000+ clean, efficient and profitable solutions to meet the challenge of global warming


recognized by the UN as one of the 50 most promising climate solutions


inauguration of our geoenergy demonstrator, enhanced by the creations of designer matali crasset


Celsius Energy drills its 100th well


Celsius Energy begins its expansion in the United States and the United Kingdom

Notre vision

Our ambition ? Connecting buildings to the Earth's energy and so take part in the fight against global warming. Available practically everywhere, directly under our feet, the potential of geoenergy is immense! We are headquartered in France, but have international ambitions, with notable projects already underway in the United States and Great Britain. Geoenergy has a bright future: join your commitments and your ideas to our ambitions to write the rest of the story with us!

Notre vision

Company values

Celsius Energy is a “hybrid object” that combines startup agility with engineering/industrial culture. We like to research, innovate, progress. What brings us together goes beyond our individualities: the desire to bring about a low-carbon and resilient world. This is our daily driving force and we work hard at it, relying on the strength of the collective and the complementarity of our skills. Here, open-mindedness is king: everyone can carry out initiatives that make sense and strengthen our cohesion, like the Fresques du climat or Tech Sharing sessions. On the relaxation side, we cultivate sporting and festive moments in an ultra-cosmopolitan atmosphere!


taking action to fight global warming


deploy our solution on a large scale


relying on the strength of the collective to move forward

Technology and creativity

drawing on our tech skills to innovate


being agile and responsive

Commitments and CSR

From the start, the wind of diversity has been blowing on Celsius Energy! We promote it in all its forms (nationalities, backgrounds and cultures) and are proud to achieve near gender parity! Echoing our climate mission, we offer in-house Climate Frescoes. We are committed to promoting science among young people with the CGénial Foundation (Celsius Energy Prize for Energy Transition) and low-carbon architecture with the Unisson(s) movement. We perform various actions along with the Solar Impulse Foundation to promote low-carbon solutions for the city of tomorrow. At Celsius Energy, we like to create positive connections!


Committed to the fight against global warming, we have quite naturally initiated in-house Climate Frescoes (at least one per month). Our goal: to raise awareness among all our employees and train fresco animators to create a snowball! To go even further, we have created a steering committee to measure and reduce our individual and collective carbon footprints.

Celsius Energy

The Climate Frescoes are privileged moments of reflection, exchanges and team-building around the subject of the climate. A perfect complement to our climate mission.

Hélène Hofmann, Hélène, internal animator Fresque du climat

Celsius Energy