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Ixelles, Paris


In 2017, Luc de Brabandere, Martin Saive and Thomas Doutrepont, the three co-founders of Cartoonbase, had a eureka moment. They realised that there was an amazingly simple way for organisations to clarify and communicate on increasingly complex topics. It had existed for millennia, yet was largely underused: illustration.

So they built a solution that would allow organisations large and small to leverage the power of illustrations and visual thinking: simplifying complex topics; ensuring inclusivity of messages; sharing a wide variety of emotions; producing content that can easily be adapted for different audiences, channels and usages; and much more. This solution is cartoonbase.

Cartoonbase is an atypical place where illustrators, creative writers, graphic designers and video artists collaborate with business consultants, strategists, philosophers and even historians to create smart and educational visual aids for organisations all around the world.

Today, more than 30 cartoonbasers in three different locations (Brussels, Lausanne and Paris) join forces to offer videos, branding services, infographics, social media campaigns, creative workshops and live drawing services to more than 200 clients.

What they are looking for

Cartoonbase is looking for ambitious, independant and ultra-creative people to help them achieve their mission to become a global reference for organisations that wish to make complexity accessible to the largest number.

The company is driven by three core values:

  • Caring. Collaboration - be it with colleagues, clients or suppliers - is the cornerstone of work. Rule number 1 is to do whatever possible to help collaborators succeed.

  • Professionalism. Having a lot of fun and experiencing every day the awe of creation goes hand in hand with the highest standards of quality and service.

  • Humour. Laughing once in a while diminishes stress, increases the bond with our peers, encourages creativity and doesn’t harm productivity. Cartoonbasers are all quite funny chaps… in their very own way.

Good to know

Cartoonbase was first launched in… 2000, with a flawed business model (stock cartoons for organisations) but the same beliefs it stands for today.

The team shares breakfast every Friday, numerous afterwork drinks, and a corporate outing once per year.

Conversation topics are rather varied: table football tactics, mario-kart cheats, unsolved crimes, arts and literature, cats, legos, birdwatching, ceramic, outdoor sports, old cartoonbase stories, gardening, you name it

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