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Software Architect

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
Occasional remote


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Job description

Do you want to be a collaborative technical leader who architects software solutions that will transform the way farming is done around the world?

What You Will Do

  • As a Software Architect, you will be responsible for defining and clearly communicating architecture and high level designs that create valuable solutions for our customers today while also being flexible and modular to accommodate the future.

  • You will be a recognized technical leader, working in collaboration with a wide variety of people and teams across the Agriculture business who are distributed around the globe. 

  • Must be comfortable initiating discussions when concepts are still in the formative stages, helping everyone to discover the keys that will unlock the very best solution.

  • You’ll work closely with Product Managers, Project Managers, and Software Designers to ensure that your architecture and high level design meets all requirements and can successfully be realized by our Software Development teams.

  • Hands on prototyping to work through ideas and validate concepts.

  • Sit down with development team members as needed to answer questions and get feedback on how the architecture is translating into implementation.

  • When necessary to understand a new technology and run experiments to reduce risk, lead a group and direct work in the context of research and proofs of concept, laying the groundwork for future product development.

Preferred experience

  • Familiarity with distributed software systems and loosely coupled communication paradigms.

  • Significant experience with complex, high volume data infrastructure.

  • Understanding of when and how best to apply AI/Machine Learning.

  • Solid understanding of in-field systems. Skills that will make you stand out:

    • Telematics

    • Compute platforms for in field AI/ML

    • Camera technology for vision systems

  • Experience with Git, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, and containerized development environments.

  • Solid written and verbal communication skills.

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