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Francesco obtained his PhD in biology at the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris, France). He is a genius at molecular modeling. He hunts for the best ideas in biology and chemistry to transform them into products of excellence.

André has made his career on both sides of the Atlantic. He is an expert in in vitro diagnostic devices, of which the 0 and 1 hold no secrets for him. He has an annoying habit of taking great pleasure in torturing computer systems, and thus makes our solutions invincible.

Emiko has her 2 feet between Japan, U.S. and France ... (1, 2 ... ok her 3 feet!) After 7 years in the pharmaceutical / medical device industry as a scientist and then an expert in regulatory affairs, she now maintains order and quality at BforCure. Be even better and learn your procedures!

Graduated in Finance, Business & Administration, and Relations & International Affairs, Diana arrived in France just before joining BforCure. While she perfected her French, she transformed the administrative stammerings of a small startup into a structured bulldozer where rigor and efficiency leave nothing in their path.

Mael has a great passion in life: he learns everything about everything. Engineer in electronics, he completed his PhD thesis in physical chemistry at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris, France). To be sure of mastering everything, he took the opportunity to learn cellular and molecular biology. But rest assured, he found the time to learn programming and finance. Entrepreneur for 10 years, he carries the vision of the company and guides it toward the greatest technological advances.


BforCure is a French SME of 66 people created in 2018, based in Montreuil (93, Ile de France).

It is revolutionizing bio-detection technologies with the ultimate goal of making our planet a safer place, protecting us against biological threats. The company designs, manufactures, and commercializes innovative ultra-fast and sensitive PCR biosensing solutions.

Recognized and supported by key innovation players, BforCure develops technological platforms through an ambitious R&D program, challenging the state of the art in biodetection methods. Microfluidics technology is at the heart of BforCure products, which serve in various fields such as medical diagnostics, defense, industry, and environmental protection.

What they are looking for

The company is growing rapidly and is recruiting for many positions to support its development. Who ? Regardless of the function, entrepreneurs at heart who cultivate intelligence, surpassing oneself and have a taste for helping their neighbor feel good and become better.

What is the culture? With its technological core at the crossroads of software, hardware and molecular biology, BforCure places its organization in the modern vision of Industry 4.0 and Teslism.

The team is multicultural, made up of enthusiasts, united and committed in revolutionizing the field of biodetection.

Engaging with BforCure means giving the best, surrounded by colleagues who apply their know-how rigorously and excel in an environment of international excellence framed by benevolent management where respect and mutual assistance reign. Engaging with BforCure means being an actor driven by the idea of changing the status quo, up to the highest technological and scientific ambitions.

Keep just enough ego to be proud and motivated, the rest is "team spirit"!

Good to know

Internal events to communicate between everybody

  • Weekly meeting every Monday: stand-up meeting
  • Quarterly meeting: half-day presentation of results and quarterly objectives

Possibility of working from home Sports & activities (showers available): Yoga, running, Poker, board games, ... The rest is just waiting to be invented.

The best Whatsapp groups of Memes, soccer, poker, ...

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