How To: Work 100% Remotely

How To: Work 100% Remotely

These days, a growing number of employees are choosing to work 100% remotely. In other words, working in pajamas all day long if they want to.

Eliz lives in Amsterdam, over 10,000 km from her native Brazil. She dreamed of a life in Europe, with the option to return home as often as possible. The company she works for has no offices and hundreds of remote employees around the world.

Thomas lives in the south of France, in Biarritz. He made the decision to work remotely so that he can be closer to nature and still achieve his professional ambitions. And while we don’t see him around the office every day, he is very much part of the team at Welcome to the Jungle.

We went off to meet Eliz and Thomas, so we could find out what it’s like when you work on your own, hundreds of miles away from colleagues – and the office coffee machine.

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