How To: Be Green at Work

How To: Be Green at Work

At a time when ecological activism is gaining ground worldwide, more and more people are taking on the challenge to go green in their daily lives. Riding a bike, careful recycling, buying local: taking these steps at home is a good start towards protecting the environment, but we also need to consider our environmental impact at work. Spending a quarter of our lives working, the professional habits we form certainly affect our overall carbon footprint. This fact raises the question: how can we be green around the office?

Anita has been the IT project manager at La Ruche qui dit Oui, a thriving farm-to-table supply network in France, for five years. Originally from the countryside around Nantes, she has brought her eco-friendly habits into the Paris office. She takes us on a tour of the initiatives set up by her office to reduce the ecological footprint of the whole team.

In Barcelona, we meet up with Yago, founder of Glassy Films, an audiovisual production company. His goal is to create a green company that leads by example and, in so doing, helps expand the community of environmentally responsible businesses.

Edouard Natté, for his part, is interested in a new type of pollution called “digital pollution.” He explains how his Cleanfox application helps reduce the impact that our digital activity at work has on the environment.

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