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Researcher on the philosophy of work.

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“What’s the point of philosophers?” You might find it hard to believe, but this is one of the questions Céline Marty asked during an episode on her YouTube channel devoted to philosophy. A philosopher who asks existential questions is either engaging in good, old-fashioned introspection, or has a reason to question the meaning of their own work. This is a good thing, because since getting her doctorate, Céline has been asking real questions about work, its place in society and in our lives, sometimes calling on Karl Marx, sometimes André Gorz, sometimes Friedrich Nietzsche.After studying philosophy at the Sorbonne and human sciences at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) in Paris, Céline obtained a teaching diploma and taught at high school. She set up her YouTube channel on the side and she began talking about such topics as “bullshit” jobs, the idea of a “happycracy” and domestic work. In the middle of the first lockdown, she started working with Welcome to the Jungle on a series that mixes philosophy and work. While still a work in progress, “Philo Boulot” asks existential questions, but mostly tries to answer them using authors, history, advice and a little humour. Today, Céline is in the middle of writing a book (to be published next autumn by Dunod) and is spreading her critical––let’s say anti-capitalist––vision of work by always thinking of ways to make it fairer, less overbearing and more democratic! “What’s the point of philosophers, you say?”

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