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WITH Culture

Their values




Sharing expertise

Self-fulfillment of individuals

Proximity: Client Partners are direct extensions of their client’s teams, as one part of the WITH teams work from Paris and Madrid, and others work directly from within their client’s teams.

Collaboration: inspire, co-create, scope - All questions and causes are covered during workshops with clients. Everyone gets to share their viewpoint, from intern to manager. WITH applies simple maieutic techniques with their clients, which ensure a respect of everyone’s opinion.

Sharing expertise: Whether on their Slack, swarming with industry watches, or during their formal learning session, everyone shares their learning and contributes to enrich their colleagues’ competencies on the hottest emerging topics.

Self-fulfillment of individuals through caring professional relationships, at all times

WITH Academy

All WITH teams benefit from an upskilling programme based on the sharing of knowledge and expertise. As such, every two weeks, as part of the “WITH Academy”, teams are invited to “Sharing Meetings” and/or “China Sharings”, where client cases and new emerging trends are presented and taught to all.


WITH is a digital partner of a new kind, launched in 2015 in Paris, 2017 in Madrid and now in Geneva. They already count more than 90 talents after 7 years in business, and were proud to finish 2020 with a 30% growth and 25 new long-term hires, despite COVID.

WITH Paris is focused on marketing consultancy and implants around 4 intertwined verticals, counting amidst the hottest topics in the current marketing revolution: China, eCommerce & Amazon, Social Marketing and Science & Innovation.

The WITH Paris teams follow a unique model, as their talents comprise consultants, called “client partners”, but also “implants”, experts they hire and place amongst their clients’ teams.

WITH Madrid’s focus is on innovation and technology, offering a combination of engineers, data analysts, UX/UI & PMO/PO in order to audit, create, build and manage complex digital projects.

Their main clients include: Danone group, L'Oréal, Coty, LVMH (incl. Parfums Christian Dior), Bacardi Martini, Pierre Fabre, Crédit Agricole Payment Services, Cartier and Total amongst others.

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