Jerome started writing the Wezen story with its first lines of code, 3 years later he leads developers as CTO. Always pushing to learn and use the latest tech stack, Jerome wants for you to engage and grow together with our tech. His strong ambition extends to software development in general: he won't hide his passion for DevOps, UX, Machine Learning or NLP, and beer.

Naomi originally joined Wezen as a customer success manager working with Wezen's largest client and helping their teams work well on Wezen and providing day to day support. She now manages the Partnership Program for Wezen. Growing the Wezen reputation within content and eCommerce partner ecosystem. She enjoys working with different companies and technologies to find pathways to shared success with Wezen.

Axel joined Wezen as the fourth team member. Today he leads the Customer Success Team as Lead Solutions Engineer.

His aim is to help Wezen clients, translators and content creators to change the way they work with technology. Building strong relationships with clients and partners is part of his daily challenges.

Alexandre joined Wezen as an intern, and came back as junior Fullstack Developer, after his studies at Centrale Paris. He's currently working on dev, devops and backend architecture subjects. Constantly learning new things and searching for improvements, he likes to bring and build new tools to enhance team everyday life. Working on interesting subjects is nice, with a nice team is better. And for sure, he really enjoys working with the Wezen team.

Mateus joined the Wezen team in december of 2019 as a full-stack developer, coming all the way from Portugal. He wanted to join a company where he could work in autonomy but with the help of a strong dev team on new feature and improving the platform. Being from outside France joining the team was no easy task but everyone helped out in the integration and helped on the french.

After graduating as an engineer, Roxane was looking for a company in which she could actively contribute to build a great tech product, and with a human-sized team. She joined Wezen in August 2020, and has various missions and responsibilities. On the one hand, she is able to discuss on a daily basis with customers to deploy Wezen solutions among their teams and make sure that their onboarding runs smoothly. On the other hand, she works closely with software developers in order to continuously improve Wezen products by providing evolution proposals, reporting bugs and gather users feedback. At Wezen, her missions enables her to explore innovative topics in different domains which involve technology, constantly learning and passing on her knowledge within the team.

After a several interships and a half-time contract to finish his Science Computer Master's degree, Guillaume is contributing to Wezen since the beginning of the project.

His evolution as a developer in the team was done gradually. He started as a front and back developer, to continue as a full stack developer and to reach his current position: Full Stack Developer & DevOps on AWS provider.

Pronouncing creativity as a necessary quality for his position, he took very seriously each encountered situations and enjoyed to resolve them, both on the Wezen design, development, & debugging part, and the AWS configuration & deployment one.

Gaetan leads the business development initiative to make Wezen succeed as a software brand.

With an innovation engineering background, and after leading deployment efforts, he now leverages marketing and sales to produce growth.

Building trust with prospects, partners, and co-workers is his deep motivator for success.


Wezen is a tech startup, we want whoever's creating texts to publish online, to do so using the platform. Created in 2017 we are today a team of 30 wezers in two offices: Paris and Manila. Also we are part of a bigger group called Datawords.

At Wezen we reinvent Semantic content (text) production to make it simple for every single language. That's why we are building a SaaS platform where content owners, copywriters and translators collaborate in an innovative way to produce content at the highest quality level. Our key innovations (such as Semantic Distance Mapping) allow hidden content structures and correlations to be revealed.

The past 2 fantastic years have fueled our ambition to build a European leader in content management software. Building the best product is only possible thanks to the commitment and creativity of our team, while having fun. We are at this stage where we need to move from being a start-up to a scale-up!

Our differentiator? Customers and team members appreciate our will to help tackle challenges!

What they are looking for

You want to be part of a team whose challenge is to build an awesome product.

For you, being in a tech company is the only alternative.

For you, the Millennium Falcon is not a bird species.

Good to know

Bonus points to join the Wezen Team:

  • Special powers during afterworks
  • Power nap hero

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