Software engineer Ruby On Rails - Full time

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    Software engineer Ruby On Rails - Full time

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    Wecasa, c’est d’abord l’histoire du club des 5. Pierre, Antoine, Fabien, Anne-Emilie et Julien se lancent en 2016 dans une aventure tech et humaine, dans le but un peu fou de redonner du temps aux gens. Ils créent un site et une app pour réserver des services à domicile en deux temps trois mouvements : coiffure, beauté, massage, ménage, garde d’enfants.

    50 collaborateurs et un collectif de 5000 pros plus tard, Wecasa est devenue la référence des services à domicile. C’est l’offre 7j/7 d’aide et de bien-être à domicile pour soi, sa famille, sa maison. Avec plus de 100 000 clients heureux, l’aventure continue pour cette start-up déjà présente partout en France et maintenant à l’étranger (à Londres!).

    Et demain ? Wecasa n’attend que ça ! Ils ont hâte de continuer à défricher le champ des possibles avec une Dream Team toujours plus nombreuse et soudée. Pour les rejoindre, l’esprit d’équipe est essentiel, car Wecasa est une réussite collective dans laquelle chacun a son rôle à jouer. Ils recherchent des personnes qui se retrouvent dans leurs valeurs GLEEC : Gentillesse, Liberté, Efficacité, Exigence et Confiance.

    Job description

    We are developpers with high technical expectations, from various backgrouds, all based in France at the moment.
    Wecasa has a strong technical culture, with a high need for automatisation. We have a strong focus on automated test which made our paltform very robust and nearly bug free. We use machine learning algorithms to find the best fit between customers and professionals, and our Rails application handles all the transaction workflow (even if our monolithic architecture will have to be migrated to a micro-services architecture in the future).

    We are particularly committed to our users satisfaction, both our clients and our professionnals.

    This satisfaction is reflected in our business metrics: 5 years after creation, Wecasa still demonstrates a +300% growth / year.

    We work daily with passionnate collegues of very different roles. In addition to the interactions with the product team, we collaborate with marketing, customer care, B2B relationship, data sciences, etc.


    Along with Julien, CTO & cofounder and Romain, Lead dev Ruby, you actively participate in the development of our marketplace, in collaboration with our Product Managers and Anne-Emilie our Designer :

    • Features development for :

      • our customers (e.g. ability to tip professionals, support for duo massage)
      • our professionnals (e.g. geolocalisation)
      • our customer service team (better admin interface, integration of third partiy tools)
    • API definition and implementation for our front applications (web or mobile), in collaboration with Sébastien our Lead Dev Front (e.g. choosing the API format standard, now in REST, to be migrated if pertinent)


    Backend: Ruby on Rails 7 / MySQL / Redis / Sidekiq
    Frontend: Sass / Haml / Bootstrap 4 / ES5 / jQuery (migrating to React) + 2 mobile apps (React Native)
    Numerous API used: Stripe, Twilio, Google Maps, Slack, Zoho…
    Code Quality with Rspec, Capybara, Rubocop (CI on CircleCI)
    Git versioning, systematic code reviews and preproduction testing
    Hosting: Ubuntu server at Scaleway, to be migrated to Google Cloud or AWS
    Agile methodology, using Clubhouse and Slack


    Full time position with all the advantages (health insurance, luncheon voucher..etc)
    Work from home
    Salary: Competitive rates
    Availability: ASAP
    2000€ budget to choose your material
    200€ to equip your home office

    Preferred experience

    Rails developper with several years or relevant work experience (international applicants are welcome)

    ✓ Ruby on Rails expertise
    ✓ Qualifications in integration (HTML5, SCSS, Bootstrap) or in DevOps
    ✓ Knowledges in Linux system administration or in React (JS ou Native) would be nice to have
    ✓ Interest and abilities to learn and share your knowledges

    Recruitment process

    1) Interview with lead developer
    2) Technical test
    3) Debrief with 2 developers from the team on the test
    4) Final interview with one of our co-founders

    Meet the team

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