Charlotte, Brno-Střed

Michal is a successful information security professional & entrepreneur.

For 10 years, he worked in IT security consultancy business for Deloitte, Cleverlance and AEC where he lead the largest team of ethical hackers in Central Europe working for various clients around the world.

In 2015, Michal co-founded ThreatMark and until the end of 2021 he's been the company’s CEO. At ThreatMark, he lead the company through explosive growth and expansion.

Today he creates the company’s product vision and works tirelessly to ensure that the delivered solution meets the market needs and satisfy customers‘ expectations.

Michal likes innovation, technology and cyber security; and he enjoys exploring those fields in his free time as well.

Ela joined ThreatMark in 2019 as a delivery consultant and since then she has gradually increased her position and task and now she takes care of the entire delivery projects.

Her job is to make sure our solution is delivered, enabled and provides value to our customers around the world.

In her free time she enjoys creating and loves doing arts and crafts. On rainy or snowy days she loves to get lost in books and movies of all genres.

Kryštof is the CTO and co-founder of ThreatMark. Before co-founding ThreatMark, Kryštof fought cybercrime with AEC. There he attained practical expertise in removing cyberthreats across different venues and industries.

In 2015, Kryštof infused his cybersecurity expertise with technology in an advanced fraud prevention solution – ThreatMark. ThreatMark processes various data points to understand subtle differences in users and their behavior. Within 150 milliseconds ThreatMark decides if a user is really who they say they are.

Every day Kryštof applies theoretical and practical knowledge to solve the financial industry' most complex problems. Today, major businesses use ThreatMark to build secured and seamless online experiences. More than 30 million users all around the world, across all devices, are protected by advanced solutions Kryštof helped build.

In his free time, Kryštof likes to ride his bike, diligently read books on various topics and further improve his skills in hacking and enhancing the cyberspace technology.

Ondřej Novotný is a machine learning & data scientist expert.

He holds a Ph.D. in computer science focusing on machine learning focusing in speech recognition from the Faculty of Information Technology at the Brno University of Technology. He was a member of Speech@Fit research group, which focuses on mining all possible information from speech (automatic speech recognition, language recognition, speaker recognition, etc.).

He's really into everything around machine learning and artificial intelligence.

He's a devoted husband and likes to spend his free time with his family and their dog. Also he loves to create and build projects of all kind: soldering, welding and programing in new languages.


Founded in 2015, ThreatMark brings trust in the digital world through advanced fraud prevention solution built on extensive cybersecurity know-how and the latest advancements in AI & Data Analytics.

ThreatMark’s Anti-Fraud Suite processes a comprehensive set of data to continuously monitor user identities & their intentions while providing protection from sophisticated digital fraud.

Major online businesses impacted by digital fraud, such as those in the Financial Services Industry, benefit from ThreatMark’s AI-powered behavior profiling technology to enable secure customer experiences across all digital channels.

What they are looking for

Since 2015, ThreatMark has been growing rapidly. The October 2021 investment pushed the trajectory and acceleration even further.

We are currently investing heavily into the company and product – improving the architecture, adding multi-tenancy, increasing automation; and in the business operations - sales, customer success, delivery and so on.

We're looking for all kind of profiles with the right attitude, eagerness to learn and join us in the challenge of creating and delivering our world-class fraud prevention solution across industries.

Working for ThreatMark is a perfect chance for all those who want do impactful, meaningful work within a highly dynamic and expanding team.

We're fighting fraud, stopping bad guys every day. We're not building another eshop or social media platform.

Our solution helps make the world a better place, and by joining ThreatMark you can help that mission.

Good to know

At ThreatMark we foster cultural values that are very important for us.

We need someone in the team who will profess them with us.

We deeply care about people, teams, and processes that bring value to the team, company, product, and our clients.

Mistakes are good as long as you openly share them, learn from them, and don’t repeat them too often.

The output of the team is more than an individual contribution or sum of the parts.

Deep understanding and continuous learning.

Clear and transparent communication.

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