Tech team

At talent.io we are a dynamic, international team of full stack developers. We share a passion for high quality code and delivering a delightful product for our users while also enjoying a light hearted and supportive environment. Our objectives are driven by the goal of creating meaningful impact for both our users and for our fellow developers. Our projects tackle the complex problems facing tech recruitment, and we are conscious of our role in the developer community as we do. We value curious, openminded people who find purpose in shared and ambitious goals.

Employee breakdown

  • Engineering


  • Product


  • Data


Technologies and tools


  • Ruby On Rails
    Ruby On Rails
  • PostgreSQL


  • React JS
    React JS


  • Heroku
  • AWS

Project Management

  • Slack

Organization and methodologies

We embrace agile practices such a standups, iteration planning, and retrospectives in a way that is specific to the problems we face and the dynamics of our team. We favour pre-merge code reviews, unit/system/integration testing, and pair programming. We believe that pair programming is essential to learning and improving as developers.

Project management is owned by the developers working on the product initiative. For each project, one engineer is designated ‘skipper’ and is responsible for the project delivery as well as for guiding the ‘sailor’ engineers on the team.

For maintenance external to projects, we have dedicated Guilds for Security, Performance, and Infrastructure.

Projects and tech challenges

Our product tackles three main objectives

  • Facilitate an enjoyable sourcing process for recruiters
  • Provide a simple management process for candidates during their job search or freelancers seeking placements
  • Develop the back office tools to analyse and support these ambitions

From a tech perspective this involves the following

  • Creating a delightful user experience via our apps
  • Generating useful metrics on which to base strategic decisions
  • Building a platform that is flexible enough to adapt to this ever changing industry

Recruitment process

Our recruitment process is designed to understand not only your technical foundation but also your core values and drivers while giving you a clear picture of what it is like to work within our team. There are 6 distinct steps:

  1. Screening call with an engineering manager or lead developer
  2. Two part technical interview consisting of problem solving and technical discussion with a fellow developer
  3. Interview with your future manager to further confirm your cultural fit with the team
  4. People and Culture interview with HR
  5. Reference Check (when relevant)
  6. Offer