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Work from anywhere

Quable was 100% Parisian until March 2020... Today the development and distribution of its infamous PIM is a happy affair which takes place in Paris, Bordeaux, Rennes, Lille, Brest, Arcachon, Aix en Provence, and even Réunion! As soon as the first lockdown was announced, we switched to a distributed workforce model based on trust and transparency, leaving our employees free to choose their way of living. We will never look back! All of our collaborators who wished to do so have moved out of the capital to continue doing their job from locations all across France, and we are now recruiting new talents without any geographical limitations.

Recruiter testimonies

François, CEO:

"The advantage is that we have a broad choice of candidates, so our likelihood of coming across the best talents is much higher!" explains Quable CEO François.

Tanguy, COO:

"We’re giving an opportunity to a greater number of people who wouldn’t have been able to or who wouldn't have wanted to move to Paris", adds COO Tanguy.

Sébastien, CTO:

"When the time comes to list employee advantages during a job interview, we already know that the candidate will love the idea of being able to work outside on their terrace... or from their boat!" Sébastien - CTO

They were recruited remotely

Quable has implemented a collaborative tool called Notion which enables corporate information to be quickly shared in full (and other information too). Speed meetings during coffee breaks are arranged with colleagues from all of the different departments to exchange on a one on one basis. With a partial subsidy to cover desktop equipment and a personalised virtual consultation with an ergotherapist, Quable makes sure all of its team members are comfortably seated and avoiding bad posture.

Charles, Sales representative - Aix en Provence:

"At Quable, employee onboarding is as friendly, smooth and efficient as the customer onboarding. In spite of the distance, I feel really close to the team on a daily basis, and I have everything I need to work from home and be super productive."

Hugo, Developer - Rennes:

"My arrival at Quable was very pleasant. I was quickly integrated into my team and met the rest of my colleagues during the first weeks through short video meetings."

They left Paris for

Jérémy, Sales representative - Réunion:

Jérémy, Sales representative - Réunion:

"After a little over a year of crazy ‘on-site’ collaboration, the arrival of Covid 19 pushed us to rapidly go full-remote, which has really changed our work habits and our lives! We are welcoming just as many new clients today; the one difference is that almost 100% of our deals are sealed with a video call rather than a handshake. Digital projects have clearly undergone a net acceleration with the crisis, and this has allowed my partner and me to mature our life plan together. We took the decision not to suffer through the crisis, but to use it as a springboard to go and live in Réunion where the sun shines all year round. Today, I am more than happy to be working remotely. The slight time difference actually suits me to a ‘T’ as I can enjoy my mornings and work in the afternoons and evenings."

Caroline, Office & Happiness Manager - Brest:

"Being able to move and still keep your job and the same colleagues is a real luxury, especially when you get to have a clear view of the sea and all-you-can-eat crêpes! Of course, video-based company life needs to be spiced-up a bit every day to keep team spirit alive, but we’re pretty good at that! And as soon as the crisis has calmed down, we’ll all be able to have a get together at the Paris office and party together!"

The nomads

Aurélie, PIM/DAM Project Manager, Paris/Bordeaux/Arcachon:

Aurélie, PIM/DAM Project Manager, Paris/Bordeaux/Arcachon:

"My nomad life at QUABLE suits my needs and personal wants, but also the seasons, my love life, friendships and family life... I now have five offices from North to South, two in Paris and three in the South. That might sound a bit dispersed but in the end I actually find I have better concentration and performance levels. I’m fully responsible for my own organisation and it seems to have had a really positive effect on my sense of personal fulfilment. In short: I can’t wait for the summertime so I can have a picnic on the beach during my lunch break, or go water skiing in the evening after my last meeting!"

They stayed

Daily and weekly synch meetings, sharing hours, seminars, internal newsletters and fun cross-team challenges keep a sense of community alive. And as soon as it is possible of course, in-person meetings will be back on the agenda. Several new "physical" team rituals will be launched. Those who wish to will be able to go to the office every day, or whenever it suits them, and each team member will have a dedicated space at home.

David, Sedentary Sales - Poissy:

"The option we have to work full-remote at Quable is a real plus. With no commute, I can organise my days better and I’m much more present for my family. Quable provides me with all the equipment I need at home, just like at the office. I have to admit it though; I do miss the office space and seeing my colleagues face to face!"

Charly, developer - Paris 12th district:

"I’m missing human contact quite a lot at the moment, even though we’ve managed to keep a really good atmosphere going in the technical team. That being said, I am 100 % for "Flexible remote" as soon as the crisis has passed, so each of us can choose the right mix for ourselves. That’s what Quable has committed to offering us." Daily and weekly synch meetings, sharing hours, seminars, internal newsletters and fun cross-team challenges keep a sense of community alive. And as soon as it is possible of course, in-person meetings will be back on the agenda. Several new "physical" team rituals will be launched. Those who wish to will be able to go to the office every day, or whenever it suits them, and each team member will have a dedicated space at home."

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

At Quable, we’ve always had a family spirit. What’s our recipe? We never sought to perfect one, the alchemy just happened on its own. We said goodbye to each other on the 17th of March on the office doorstep, and since then most of our collaborators have only seen each other via video. Our family spirit has overcome the digital barrier though!

Jérôme, Customer Sucess Manager – Issy les Moulineaux:

"We have developed pretty strong bonds between colleagues, small, really tightly knit teams and lots of great moments together after work. With the lockdown and remote work, we’ve tried as many ways as we could to stay in touch pretty much constantly and surprisingly it’s working well. I mean, we still clearly can’t wait for all of this to end someday so that we can go out for a few beers again...:)"


Quable is a software provider that launched its PIM solution (Product Information Manager) in 2016.

Quable PIM is the central tool used by marketing, e-commerce, digital and IT departments to enrich, automate and collaborate on product information and easily push their data to web and mobile channels, marketplaces, retailers and for print and in store distribution.

The ultimate goal : to give clients a huge efficiency-boost and the ability to scale their cross-channel commerce.

Quable’s Saas PIM stands out because it is easy to adopt, has a unique UX design, is scalable, can be set up in record time, and has a very powerful technological platform.

Devialet, Berluti, Bioderma, Mitsubishi, Sisley, Club Med, Delsey, The Kooples, Tryba and more than 200+ big brands in 85 countries have chosen Quable PIM to accelerate their omni-channel business.

Today, Quable is undergoing strong growth and is looking for new talents to help us reach our ambition: be recognized as the leading PIM for brands et manufacturers in Europe by 2025.

What they are looking for

They have strong DNA with both ‘tech’ and ‘business’ strains, and they are proud of it ! They are looking for talents who will strive for excellence in their areas (technology, projects, marketing, sales), who are curious and creative and who know how to take a step back and be self-critical when required.

Humility, attentive listening, humour, team spirit and customer focus are all really important at Quable.

If you want to go on an authentic adventure, find fulfillment in your work and help grow Quable’s collective intelligence, then join them !

Good to know

Quable has chosen to make remote work fully optional (with success !) and it now has talents dotted all around the country : Paris, Brest, Aix-en-Provence, Rennes, Bordeaux, Montpellier, ...

Their offices are located in the heart of the Xth district of Paris - a few steps from the Saint Martin canal - in an old workshop which we adapted for the team’s wellbeing. We enjoy Friday beers and all kinds of nearby restaurants. They hold regular events and evenings (gaming, pizzas, etc.) so that thet can all get together - they enjoy having a human connection too :).

And because their employees’ comfort is essential for them, Quable offers 10 € restaurant vouchers, bike subsidies, health insurance, remote work options...

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