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Past and future

Their story

Their story

It's in 2019 that Paul, Côme and Matthieu decided to create Modjo.In January 2020, Modjo had 3 clients and 20 users already. 

They felt the potential and wanted to accelerate, so in July 2020 they raised 500K as a seed round which allowed them to hire their first employees.

From that moment Modjo started its astonishing development across Europe by opening Germany, Spain, Sweden and others. 

Business was growing fast such as the demand; hence, one year after Modjo made his A Series and raised 7 millions.  

Since Modjo continue to grow in an healthy way and with the same pace. 


Creation - 3 employees

July 2020

€ 500k Seed Round

July 2021

€ 7M A Series

+ 10 000

people are using Modjo

+ 250


Their vision

In the future, missing information about a conversation with a customer will not be an option. Revenue teams will thus unlock new levels of performance by deepening their understanding of their customers and optimizing their interactions with them.

Our objective is to become #1 in Europe on our market, and to help every European Companies to thrive capturing their Customer Reality. To do so, we have many challenges ahead, such as :

  • Hiring new talent and personalities who want to be part of the adventure
  • Maintaining our corporate culture while we are scaling
  • Building a strong tech product
  • Creating career paths to help people grow at Modjo.
  • Becoming the best sales school
Their vision

Company values

Modjo is composed by 5 clusters of values: 

  • Empathy / Team spirit : Gathering is the beginning, supporting each other is an achievement, mixing both lead to success. 
  • Ambition / Determination : Reaching the top, step by step.
  • Pleasure / fun : Feel free to enjoy ! 
  • Curiosity / learning : Explore, ask and share.
  • Honesty / Franchise : Be true to yourself and others.