Fullstack Developer (PHP/JS) - H/F

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    Fullstack Developer (PHP/JS) - H/F

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    • Paris
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    Mention changes the way companies monitor their online presence. Track your company name, brand, competitors, or industry trends for real-­time updates on any mentions online and on social networks. Take action to react, collaborate, and analyze your online presence. Mention is focused on helping companies of any size to know what’s being said about their brand, competitors and industry.

    Our values:

    🙏 #OneTeam : We are nothing without each other. We support each other, celebrate individuality, and always move together.
    🚀 #BeyondTheMoon : The possibilities are endless. We’re ambitious, we want to lead, and we want to change the industry.
    🤖 #HackToTheFuture : We build, test, improve, and scale - better, faster, & smarter. And when it’s done, we do it again.
    🔊 #ListenUp : We learn more from each other than the sound of our own voices. The more we listen, the more we learn.
    💪 #Resilient : We’re not afraid to fail; we’re afraid of not trying. We learn from our mistakes and always come back stronger.


    -Working with talented people (contributor to PHP) ✨
    -Level-up every Friday* ✅
    -Spotify subscription 🎸
    -Lunch vouchers 🍕
    -Healthcare insurance 🏥
    -Many team events 🏝
    -Remote friendly
    *: Every friday afternoon is dedicaded to your technical watch.

    The team
    Mention tech team is composed of 10 people (developer, data-scientist, (dev)ops), based in Paris.
    We are a group of person with different background aiming to thrive in the technical world.

    Job description

    We are looking for an experienced Full-stack Developer on PHP or Javascript.

    At its core, Mention is a PHP/Symfony application, a public API used by our apps, and Go/Python services (Crawling, Data analysis, Network or I/O related).
    We are using MySQL, Elastic Search, Redis, Kafka. We use Git, we do pull requests and code reviews.

    As a Fullstack Developer you’ll be able to work, and learn to work, on all of this.
    Some example of what you could do and learn:


    Create powerful visualizations for our customizable dashboards
    Work on the user interfaces of our products
    Improve our development workflow
    Build a consistent ecosystem with different Web products


    Crawling daily millions of data from different sources
    Refactoring and improving crawlers and keyword matchers
    Improving overall user experience and adding new generic features
    Monitoring that everything is working fine


    This is the stack that we work with, you don’t have to know it all:

    PHP (7.4) / Symfony (3.4)
    Javascript / ReactJS
    REST/GraphQL API
    Go/Python services (Crawling, Data analysis, Network or I/O related)
    MySQL, Elastic Search, Redis, Kafka
    PHPStan, Flow, GitHub
    Redux / Relay


    DDD, Hexagonal, Aggregates
    BDD (Behat / Gherkin)
    CI/CD pipeline
    Single-page application
    Agile methodologies

    Preferred experience

    Overall we are searching for someone that has learned and wants to keep learning.

    It is important for us that you know how basic things work. Some example are: HTTP, data structure, API, Big O notation. In the meantime, we do not expect you to know everything. But we are expecting that you want to keep learning. And having an open mind helps a lot.

    In summary we are searching for someone with:

    • Understanding of how basic things are working
    • An open mind
    • Knowing either PHP or Javascript

    If you recognize yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us :).

    Meet the team

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